Placement of KH

by rebelfighter 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • rebelfighter

    Finkelstein, being a single parent of two children and working extremely hard to put one of them through private school and one of them public school. Then college. BUT I found time to fight for other peoples kids too. I am totally APPALLED by not only the sexual abuse BUT the level of EMOTIONAL ABUSE!!!

    Child advocate is not a career for me just a passion, by profession I am in the financial field I just did this as the need presented itself. I cannot stand to see a child hurt in anyway.

    My heart goes out to every child who has to endure this life, just the emotional part is horrible and education! !!!

  • Finkelstein

    I understand where your coming from Rebel but I think you might be overly worried.

    Where I live there are many diverse religious places of worship JWS and the rest , I dont see the JWS a focused center for pedophilia is what I'm saying. Pedophiles can be inside other religious institutions as well.

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