10th Anniversary

by geevee 9 Replies latest jw experiences

  • geevee

    Hi All,

    Just popped in to say Hi and let you know that my wife and I have been "out" for 10 years!!! Wow a whole decade without going to a meeting or out door to door.

    No bolts of lightening, only a couple of visits in all that time by some petrified elders and a couple of newbie locals knocking on our door in all that time!

    How wonderful! 10 years of relative freedom from all of that BS we were bought up with. You will know the truth and the truth will set you free......ish. Pity about all the dub relatives!

  • fleshyheadedmutant
    Congratulations! After all this time, isn't it wonderful how the WT teachings become a distant memory?
  • LisaRose
    Congrats! But are you sure you didn't turn into a better, angry apostate complete with horns and tail?
  • truthseeker100

    Congratulations geevee

    I left in the mid eighties. I grew up in the truth.

    It's true fleshyheadedmutant the teachings become a distant memory but the memories encountered while in the grasp of "The evil empire" will remain forever.

  • millie210

    Thats funny....you sound so normal and happy! How can this be?

    Seriously though, congrats to you and your wife both.

  • joe134cd
    Talking from personal experience and as you can also testify to. This notion of been hounded by elders just isn't true. There are so many that have so easily faded with out so much as a whisper from the elders.
  • geevee
    Thanks for the nice comments. It is good to not be a part of that rubbish any longer.
  • DesirousOfChange

    WOW! You mean you didn't turn into crackhead whore mongers when you "left Jehovah"?


  • geevee
    DoC...not crack that's for sure, but...we do have the option if we so choose!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)
  • Mattieu
    Congrats to you both geevee!! Can relate to your sentiments, I'm only 4 years behind you ;)

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