Does it take Bible Study and Researching Watchtower Materials to become a Expert in JW Religion? Here's why I say No!

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  • PhilsWager2

    I was sent a link by someone wanting me to review a elder's wife's posts where she has all kinds of likes on topics shes never shown any interest throughout life. She was one of the stupidest JWs when it came to all the subjects most of you have a very good feel for. When I would ask deeper questions, in her nasty voice "Boring, that's boring" speaking about the Tetragrammaton, Trinity, Cross-Stake debate, Born-Again and every topic that was beyond watching a Caleb and Sophie Video.

    What's creepy about this person is they don't have any Jehovah Witness friends to speak of, I talked with a few attending her Hall and they think she's cracked. The only friends she's got are two people most JWs are afraid of because he has a "Cho-Mo Letter" following him around. Why do people pretend on Facebook and other online sites to care to post their scholarly JWs when they don't know what's written. Applied Christianity does not exists, in many JW Kingdom Halls you never hear the word Christian, seldom does Jesus Christ's name get spoken of. Why is it the word "Organization" not found in the Bible get's 10x to 30x mentioned per 1x of Jesus Christ's name?

    Are Jehovah's Witnesses are explained by the Watchtower Society Christian or they some other religion? Seeing this woman's "likes" and "dislikes" on topics mentioning Jehovah made me sick because their qualities are those of the anti-Christ, not Jesus Christ! People like this fullfill the skeptics who preach "Don't tell me your a Christian, let me guess it!" or "I like Jesus, I do not like Christians!" ect... Their condemned by their actions, what type of reward is in store for those who enjoy stumbling out of the Kingdom Hall all the "little ones"?

  • PhilsWager2

    Allow me to put this in terms without all the filler words. There's a JW Elderette whose profile pretends to be a Watchtower Apologist while there's no way in Sheol she could debate even our most gentle member here. Why do people pretend they put in time studying the Bible when they don't know anything about it?

    How come our religion brings out so many fakes who don't study any of their material, running the microphone you saw often those who studied a lot did not brag like the brothers who did not have any highlighting marks! In house remarks 'people don't appreciate the lifesaving works of the faithful slave make's no sense if nobody's taking these words seriously. don't attack others you think did not study because your a hypocrite who messes with the weak ones just to make yourself feel good.

  • prologos
    "Cho-Mo Letter"????

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