Anyone have a recording of Imitate Christ convention?

by Maralee 7 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Maralee
    Maybe it is too soon, but I would like to hear the new convention. I would appreciate it if anyone is willing to share there recording. Thank you, Maralee
  • AlwaysBusy

    I would also love to hear the convention....thank you so much Maralee for posting this.

    And thank you to anyone who may post the recording or link.

    Take Care


  • sir82

    ...or you can just review my compact summary:

    -- You're not doing enough, you miserable worms!

    -- Obey us! Obey us! OBEY US!

    -- College is bad, Facebook is bad, sex is bad, worldly people are bad, video games are bad, porn is bad.

    -- You're STILL not doing enough!

    -- Give us money

    -- Aren't you glad we love you so much? Now OBEY US!

  • Maralee
    Well Sir82, I take it you did not have a recording. Maralee
  • paradisebeauty

    Sir82, you are so funny ...

    and so right!

    I was hoping this religion will become a little sounder. No chance!

    Tomorrow we have a one day convention in another town.

    I will take advantage of the fact that all jw's are out of town and I will attend a meeting at a neoprotestant church.

  • Maralee
    Is there no one on this site that has a copy of the imitate christ convention? Anyone planning to get a copy? thanks, Maralee
  • Absalom

    Maralee, unless the borg releases a link to the video, i dont think anyone here will record all three days.

    But if you want to hear the program so badly, why not just go to the convention yourself?

    I think sir82 hit the nail on the head with his summary. The new releases are copies of other past publications, and calab and sofia are guilt tripped into giving up their ice cream money. Thats how you imitate Jesus these days.

  • hardtobeme

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