JW Who Joined the Church of Satan, Allister Crowley, Anton Lefve's movement after leaving JW? Why, why mess with Darkness?

by PhilsWager2 9 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • PhilsWager2

    This is going to trip you out, after talking with a JW friend who left the Org and has great rage against God he's turning to Satan. He lives with his JW brother and decided host gathering for people interesting in worshiping the Devil. How will this outcome work with holy people claiming to be JWs seeing some guys and girls dressed in dark robes? I would freak out, he's really gone of the deep after losing his daughter to cancer. What advice have you got for someone wanting to take out his hatred against God for losing his child? I can already see his JW Elder freaking out when he finish his goat sacrifice demon alters, he had photos on his iPhone. Honestly people, he's gone nuts!

    I am worried he's going to get possessed by the Devil or demons, others who don't believe might laugh but why mess with the Dark Forces just because you livid?

  • Protarded
    Anger at God was the phase right before realizing that there is no God. I wouldn't worry about all that "dark forces" voodoo, It's nonsense. However, the deep dark human mind is real and can be dangerous. Normaly I'd say let him sort it out, but Since it involves a dead daughter, I'd try to get him some help from a doctor,counselor, friends and family. Stay away from exocism.
  • freemindfade
    Protarded is right. It's most likey a phase born out of anger.
  • violias
    My advice is " this too shall pass". I never joined the church of Satan etc, but after leaving developed a real interest in tarot and all things like that. It ran it course and while I still own the tarot cards, I know they are just a tool of introspection and not a portal to the spirit world or hell.. Boring....
  • Finkelstein

    I am worried he's going to get possessed by the Devil or demons,

    Well that wont happen because those things dont exist but he may be heading to a nervous break down

    or mental break down as it may be.

    Turing to practicing Wicca or some devil inspired nonsense isn't going to bring his daughter back.

    You should still have empathy for him nevertheless.

  • DarioKehl
    Satanism is nothing more than an artistic form of protest. It's basically atheism with a mascot. More power to him.

    Mainstream "Satanism", especially Anton LeVey's brand is a joke. Do some research on spiritual satanism.

    Visualizing your chakras and doing Yoga counts as "spiritual satanism." We all know how the demons love Yoga....


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    its ok--i'm satan--just look at my username. but i'm quite harmless--in fact--one of the good guys.
  • DJS


    I see your concern; one of these groups worship a god who is responsible for slaughtering billions of innocents and plans to do so again and again to satisfy his insatiable desire for blood.

    And the others worship Satan.

  • PhilsWager2

    I hope this is only a passing theme of his life, you lose your wife and than your little girl and soon it's easy asking yourself "How come I played by the rules and worshiped God the best way I could,, only to have the kingdom Hall members not help during all his painful trials and feel a hollow void inside my heart and soul.

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