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  • teenyuck

    I know that there were some pics of Russels grave posted sometime back.

    Does anyone know the link or where I can find some info on Russell? I am trying to send this to my mother. She does not believe that he has a pyramid on his grave.

    Any other info on his life would be appreciated.

    Thanks all!

  • XLovesMeNotX

    I dont know who can access this, but I have one on my profile.

    You can clearly see the pyramid, the size of it, the Masons Headquarters in the background, the cross and crown.

    I have other pictures of Russells own grave some'ers :) Russell is not buried under this..his grave stone with his picture on it is uphill about 20 feet from this pyramid.

    When a JW asks me if I have nothing better to do than spend my days bashing religion, I reply "Actually, no, I don't. I'm a PIONEER, just like you." :)

  • TR

    I believe that the pyramid is a monument and his grave is elsewhere nearby.


    Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America- Washington Division

  • Celia

    Scroll down a little, and click on the blue numbers
    Nr. 6 is a good one, but look at all the pics.

  • teenyuck


    XLovesMeNotX...I could not pull up the link...I am using AOL so I thought it would go through.

    Celia!! Wonderful...I am copying this to Word, printing out the pics and sending it all to my mother, along with a few other things I found on Freeminds and the other sites. The pics are telling!

    Thanks again for the info...I think this is the stuff my mother never new and never tried to find out. Every little bit helps.

  • plmkrzy

    Russell was not a Mason nor did he have the Pyramid put there. He did have a respect for Free Masons and there was a relationship between them(the early bible students/pilgrims) of mutual respect.
    I haven't found any documents yet stateing who put the pyramid there but IMO it was put there as a sorta tribute to Russell by Free Masons.
    The Link below explains Russell’s views on Free Masons and is a probable explanation for why someone (probably a Mason) placed the Pyramid near Russell’s grave after he died.

    The documents can be enlarged from your menu bar
    You should be able to access these links with Explorer or Netscape


    I desire to be buried in the plot of ground owned by our Society, in the Rosemont United Cemetery, and all the details of arrangements respecting the funeral service I leave in the care of my sister, Mrs. M. M. Land, and her daughters, Alice and May, or such of them as may survive me, with the assistance and advice and cooperation of the brethren, as they may request the same. Instead of an ordinary funeral discourse, I request that they arrange to have a number of the brethren, accustomed to public speaking, make a few remarks each, that the service be very simple and inexpensive and that it be conducted in the Bible House Chapel or any other place that may be considered equally appropriate or more so.

  • AngryXJW

    Souvenir Report of the Bible Students Convention

    Pittsburgh, PA.

    January 2-5, 1919

    Page 7


    On Monday, a party of about 150 was conducted by Brother Bohnet to the grave of Brother Russell. Upon a hillside, sloping towards the south, we joined hands around the grave and sang: 'Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love; the fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above.'

    Our last lingering look upon the scene recalled the peaceful manner of our Pastor's 'passing beyond the vail.' Brother Rutherford's words came to mind: 'I am glad this prison experience was reserved for us, rather than for our dear Brother Russell.'

    We visited the marble works and there watched the workmen slowly but surely chisel out the monument to be erected as a memorial to the Society. The Watchtower Society burial lots in Rosemont United Cemeteries, five miles due north of Pittsburgh City, contain ample grave space for all the members of the Bethel family, and the pilgrims and their wives — in all more than 275 adult graves. In the exact center of the Bethel lot will be erected diagonally the Pyramid Shape Monument as designed by Brother Bohnet, and accepted by Brother Russell as the most fitting emblem for an enduring monument on the Society's burial space. The size of this structure is nine feet across the base, and its apex stone is exactly seven feet above the ground surface level.

    It rests upon a concrete foundation five feet deep and heavily reinforced with barbed wire, the work of Brother Bohnet, who would not entrust this important task to anyone else, so we are assured that the job was well done. The brother gave a full description of the securing of the rock material at the time he piloted the conventionists to the cemetery and urged us to help ourselves to souvenir chips in the shop of the granite worker nearby ...

    Each slope of the pyramid will face one of the large lots, and on each of these slopes is cut in four-inch embossment a Teacher's Bible, on the pages of which will appear the names of the ones buried there. The burial space for Brother Rutherford was indicated and his name, like that of Brother Russell, will be at the top of opposite Bible pages. A Bible space is being set apart for the Pilgrims — all in one lot of forty eight grave space[s], so all their names will appear on the same Bible.

    Above the Bibles are spaces for inscriptions in full, W.T.B & T.S., I.B.S.A., 'Dead with Christ', 'Risen with Christ', etc. And above these the Cross and Crown and Wreath, and the whole capped with the apex stone, highly polished — its shape of course being pyramidal.

    Within the structure, incased [sic] in a block of granite, will be a sealed metal box in which is a complete set of Karatol Scripture Studies, the Memorial Tower, and one of every tract, photographs of Pastor Russell, a copy of the Society's charter, and many other things to interest the people who at some future date may open the pyramid and find them.

    It is expected the monument will be in place before the next Decoration Day. Any truth people desiring a chip of the stone may send postage enough to carry a piece about the size of an egg, with enough additional to pay the Society for the trouble of having it wrapped for the mail."
  • plmkrzy

    well that should be enough to figure something out.

  • Valis
    It is expected the monument will be in place before the next Decoration Day

    Ah the good old days, when JWs used national holidays to mark the passing of time. Decoration Day=Memorial Day for those of the "I'm way too young and don't hang out with any old fogies to know that" class.

    I wonder what we would put in an Apostate Time Pyramid?....


    District Overbeer

  • plmkrzy
  • spaz

    The spoken word conveys meaning other than how it's written. Russell said he was a Freemason; and he said he wasn't a Freemason. For a man who supposedly wasn't a mason he knew an awful lot about their secret rituals and handshakes, somthing that non-masons are not supposed to know. I believe it's in the book Occult Theocracy by Lady Queensborough in 1933 where mention is made of Russell's mason connection. Another researcher claims Russell's name appears on file as a Knight's Templar in the mother lodge in Ireland. Maybe this semantic difference would allow Russell to claim that he wasn't an ordinary (blue) mason seeing that he believed himself to have a special calling from God since infancy. His elitist view of himself would easily qualify him as a KT. Apparently, the pyramid near his grave was built by WTS corporate affiliates as a reminder of Russell's links to the occult world of inner freemasonry.

  • plmkrzy

    Oh for crying out loud spaz your just being a little too nit pickie. Havent you ever heard of METAPHORES. I hope I spelled that right.

    He also reffered to ALL JW's as Free Masons and he reffered to Jesus as a Free Mason.

    Now go in peace


  • Kenneson

    There are a bunch of articles on Russell at:

    On the left side under History, just click on Russell.

  • RR

    Okay, here's a picture of me back in 1999, doing some research on the Bible Students, I went to visit the cemetary [my first and only visit, although I'm in the neigborhood every year to attend a convention]

    The people on my left [your right] I met there. They're Jehovah's Witnesses from Chicago. So there you have it, Bible Students and Jehovah's Witnesses gathering around the monument. The couple were actually tracing the names on the open book with a pencil and paper. There are some names on the books.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it! .

  • spaz

    Hi Plumcrazy,
    What's your rules of grammar to extricate metaphors from statements of fact or at worst, cryptic comment?
    # Russell," Do our Masonic friends understand...the Temple and being Knights Templar?" (Where was Knights Templar introduced?)
    # "We (not JWs) are also Masons"
    # "I am a free and accepterd Mason...our Masonic brethren like to tell us that they're free and accepted Masons"{which here is metaphor and which is literal?)
    # "But not just after the style of our Masonic brethren"
    # "I am not going to say a word against Free Masons"{to do so would've resulted in his assassination)
    # "Some of my dear friends are Masons"
    # "How do you{Russell} know about our highest {secret} logic"
    # Note capital 'M' in the word mason
    Q. Who was Russell talking about, "One who had been a Mason for a long time recently bought a thousand books...about the Great Pyramid" if it wasn't he himself?

  • MoeJoJoJo

    I just visited Russell's grave today. BTW Russell's name is engraved on the pyramid also.

    When you look at the pics of Russell's actual tombstone notice the medallion with his picture. That picture medallion is no longer there. I don't know maybe time took its toll on the tombstone, but actually it looked to me like someone smashed the picture with a heavy object. Either way, its gone.

  • Ed

    Hey, look! That circular design on Russell's pyramid matches the eye on the "Illuminati" symbol!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    If you use the SEARCH facility you'll find numerous threads discussing this very subject.

  • TresHappy

    I have shown this grave to many JW's, they can't believe Russell is buried next to a pyramid. I have also been accused of making this entire thing up about him being buried next to a pyramid. So go figure...

  • Kenneson

    The Jehovah's Witnesses: Proclaimers of God's Kingdom book on page 201 in discussing "Practices That Have Been Abandoned" admits:

    "For some 35 years, Pastor Russell thought that the Great Pyramid of Gizeh was God's stone witness, corroborating Biblical time periods. (Isa. 19:19) But Jehovah's Witnesses have abandoned the idea that an Egyptian pyramid has anything to do with true worship (See "Watchtower" issues of November 15 and December 1, 1928)"

    Oh, yes, they have abandoned the measurements of the pyramid because nothing Russell predicted for that year came about except supposedly the end of the Gentile times. So they kept the date 1914 to make a big issue about the generation born then, but even that had to be "adjusted" in more recent times as fewer and fewer people remained from that time period.

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