NEW EXJW BOOK By a former Pioneer

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  • Watchtower-Free

    NEW EXJW BOOK By a former Pioneer and She is a qualified psychotherapist and trainer specializing in issues of abuse and neglect.

  • NewYork44M
    $17.00 seems like a high price point. In addition, why is there no Kindle version? I see a lot of exJW books out there, and have often wondered if the writers make enough money to justify the effort.
  • Xanthippe
    A book by a Brit ex-JW, looks interesting. Thanks Watchtower Free. Might be that there's no kindle version yet because it was only published yesterday.
  • fulano

    A regular Pioneer????

    Won't be able to tell some inside information. Just personal stuff.

  • hardtobeme
    We need another EX-GB book. Ray Franz book is excellent. I wonder if all the procedures in the GB are still the same. If not, what have changed? Who gives them the new light to publish? We know is not the holy spirit. Where do they get the crazy ideas from?
  • steve2
    Anyone know of this author? Real name or pseudonym? Current witness or ex?
  • nelim
    Hmm I would like to know more. Maybe I'm too quick to judge, but from the teaser text, it seems to me it's another sad story / life experience as there are so many on this forum and elsewhere? Not to question this book's contents, but what (additional) 'valuable insight' is in this book vs one of the experiences here and elsewhere?
  • steve2

    Nelim - I had the same reaction. Based on its placement on Amazon, I suspect it is a variant on the "I was lost, but now am saved" school (e.g., the Witnesses are bad, but real Christians are good).

    It would be helpful if Amazon gave sample contents so we could tell more about the flavor of the book.

    As of yet, no one here seems to know of the author to asist with giving some background to her endeavor.

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