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  • smiddy

    A recent thread made me think of this.

    "Definition of an Expert "

    An " Ex ", is a has been

    And a " Spurt" is a drip under pressure.

    have a nice day


  • WTWizard

    I probably know as much about the LIE-ble, if not more, as an apostate and an anti-xian, than most jokehovian witlesses. While I am no expert on this damnation book, I do know enough to know that it is pro-slavery. It is also very biased--for Israel, and against homosexuals and women. These are plastered through the whole book--blatantly.

    I also know that there is much gross injustice in that book. Rape--fifty pieces of silver? That is roughly 50 half dollars' worth. People dying en masse for complaining? Moses being punished for forgetting to give joke-hova credit (under pressure) on one occasion? Tyrant David murdering tens of thousands of innocent Gentiles because they would not serve joke-hova, yet being praised for it? Plus having innocent people dying for its sins--the ones the damnation book acknowledges. And the fact that "you will not be forgiven your own sins unless you forgive others their sins against you"--paraphrased from the Sermon on the Mount. This programs people to take abuse and come back for more.

    Even the whole concept that we are inherently damned by default and need a damn savior to redeem us is a scam. That fictitious character they put in that "savior" 's place is the archetype of the perfect slave. Then xians are supposed to emulate that thing, preparing them for slavery. Just about the whole book is designed to prepare everyone for communism.

    This is so blatant that even I, far from being a master of this book, can see it. Most jokehovians are blind to the blatant biases and that the whole book is a tool to prepare us all for enslavement.

  • millie210

    I like this definition Smiddy.

    It is a knife that cuts both ways...

    I just saw a thread where a person asked an open ended question and got a definitive NO as a reply. Not an "in my opinion" -no. Just a NO.

    I wonder if/when as humans, we are ever going to realize that there are very few absolutes and many mysteries that we may or may not figure out in a lifetime?

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