Infuriating Elder recorded on JWStruggle

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  • dhlpcjw

    Help From A Loving Jehovah's Witness Elder part 1

    This elder is clearly out of touch with all emotion period as this poor girl pours her heart out to him. Can these untrained, unloving, pharisees possibly be fit to represent a god of love? A god of anything? Absolutely not. They nearly killed this woman and her son.

    And although I can attest that not ALL elders out there are this void of any human understanding or compassion, the cult indoctrination clearly has done a number on this guy's personality. I just want to scream at this moron.

    Can't wait too see how he tries to justify any of this in part 2.

  • flipper
    Wow. Just listened to this whole thing. Here a young woman is obviously distressed and has threatened suicide while the elders never checked on her or her son and all the elder can do is in a monotone voice tell her that there was a misunderstanding that she didn't understand that her 2nd letter to them WAS a letter for reinstatement and that she should have spoken her thoughts in person verbally to them, and NOT in writing. Poor young lady. What a dick this elder is. WT Society removes all sense of humanity and compassion within these appointed elders. Everything is by the book, rule oriented- no room for compassion. Thanks for posting this DHLPCJW . Peace out, Mr. Flipper
  • StarTrekAngel
    This a-hole is trying to cover his tracks. He does not like writing because it leaves a paper trail of his words.
  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Wow. Am also wanting to hear Part 2 and the elder's response to her.

    She he is pouring her heart out to him and he doesn't even acknowledge her pain or suffering, or apologize for his part in the, shall we call them "misunderstandings" -- just starts talking about the way things are done in the organization.

    He he reminds me of that clueless boss in the movie "Office Space", where he goes, "... yeah... " really slow and not-getting anything!

    She says to him, "... YOU are Jehovah's representatives!"

    And he goes, ".... right...."

    She says to him, "... I love you guys, and you - you've known me from infancy... and you're our shepherds and I love you!"

    And he goes, "... Uh huh..."


  • fiddler

    I wonder how many times this kind of call goes out to the elders? I'm going to guess that her situation is not unique. What the recording shows is that these men are not loving shepherds but corporate men through and through and their job is the cold following of bureaucratic rules.

    Oubliette always says "let's review, it's a cult".

    I would add: let's review, it's a business. That was an example of how a distressed employee would be handled in a corporate board room.

  • whathappened
    I love JWStruggle YouTube Channel! I think I have watched everything Eric ever posted there.
  • gda
    jwstruggle like ceders is the best in exposing one human to another that there is an EPIC FAIL
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    This taped recording is a brilliant example of what the rank and file have by way of 'Shepherds' in the Jehovah's Witnesses organization.

    With all the elders' schools that WT provides for training JW elders, I would say that 'Dan' is a good example of how poorly trained and incapable most JW elders are in handling congregational problems.

  • dhlpcjw

    Part 2 is up. It's so nice that this unloving shepard showed his true colors in reflection of the cult he belongs to. If he hadn't this poor lady might never have woken up.

    Help From A Loving Jehovah's Witness Elder part 2

  • 3rdgen

    dhlpcjw, I couldn't bring myself to watch it -too close to home!

    Hey, I like your new avatar.

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