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  • Clambake


    My wives friend’s husband from the hall died. He wasn’t a JW but she has been one for more than 60 years.

    The funeral for him is going to be a Lutheran church. Now I am wondering how many JWs are going to show up at his funeral to support her.

    I am kind of hoping it might be one of those wake up moments for my wife. Too bad this guy was such an asshole. It was literally almost funny how much of a prick he was.

  • DesirousOfChange

    In our area, almost none of the JWs would go to the Church Funeral.


  • cappytan
    In our area, it's a conscience matter and you don't get criticism if you attend.
  • BluesBrother

    Attending is a conscience matter but if they so much as say "amen" to a prayer, that is inter-faith or apostasy.... I predict that not many will go.

    Wt 2002 5/15 p28

    "What if a Christian feels obligated to attend a funeral or a wedding held in a church? An unbelieving husband, for example, may urge his Christian wife to be with him on such an occasion. Could she join him as a quiet observer? Out of regard for her husband’s wishes, the wife may decide to go with him, being determined not to share in any religious ceremonies. On the other hand, she may decide not to go, reasoning that the emotional pressure of the circumstances could prove to be too much for her, perhaps causing her to compromise godly principles. The decision would be hers to make. She definitely would want to be settled in her heart, having a clean conscience.—1 Timothy 1:19.
    In any case, it would be to her advantage to explain to her husband that she could not conscientiously share in any religious ceremonies or join in the singing of hymns or bow her head when prayer is offered. On the basis of her explanation, he may conclude that his wife’s presence could give rise to a situation that might be unpleasant to him. He may choose to go alone out of love for his wife, respect for her beliefs, or a desire to avoid any embarrassment. But if he insists that she go with him, she might go as a mere observer."

  • steve2

    In line with the Watchtower's heavily slanted "conscience" advice, I suppose she is "lucky" her husband is dead because she won't have to explain to do to him if her conscience does not permit her entering the church.

    But, oh! What a fine witness she will give about her wonderful "Christian" beliefs! I have goose-bumps just thinking about such a firm, principled stand. Married 60 years or not.

    My JW family would not enter the church but stand outside it and seek to mingle with the churchgoers afterwards at a non-religious venue.

    Of note, increasingly people have their funeral services in halls affiliated with funeral homes - so there is no "taint" so to speak, of false religion.

  • Clambake

    I hope it’s an eye opener for my wife how you can give a lifetime to the borg and the one time you need them, they just don’t give two shits about you.

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