Big eyes- jw's all excited about the movie

by purrpurr 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • smiddy

    b of c , I too thought the movie was interesting ,we had some of her pics.,and I agree watching the movie how I thought she was a doormat /vulnerable ,allowing herself to be used so easily.

    But then weren`t we all to some degree? Used ?

    And it doesn`t take much to excite J.W.`s so long as it isn`t a negative about them .

    Does anybody know what their response is to the Danish T.V.series Dicte is?

    I`ll bet its not the same positive respnse


  • Oubliette

    We both concluded that she went right from one controlling relationship into another.

    As many people do ... from the hated to the familiar.

  • kairos

    Fun fact:

    I attended the meetings in her congregation for a time.

    Also was assigned to the bookstudy in her her home.
    The round art collage coffee table. I've set my NWT on it!!

    This was 15ish years ago.

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