Governing Body's Money Issues, real or not? Author of Forest Gump got $0 after Hollywood used their accounting magic!

by PhilsWager2 1 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • PhilsWager2

    All the money coming inside the Organization and goes through those magic donations boxes quilting the likes of Sophie and Caleb are filling up don't add up! We know the Watchtower does has downsized their spending deeply but where is the money going? Actually you don't need that money to disappear what you need is "Hollywood Accounting", look what happened to the author of Forest Gump, he was promised 10% of the Net. Hollywood's Accountants turned that blockbuster movie in to a capital loss by adding all types of fake expenses in to his equation. Would the Governing Body do something like that to their followers?

    Think about all the money and properties sold authors of various JW Watch Dog groups follow, the sells of which they deny would cover the expenses of one month. I was under the impression they made lots of bank, so where did they hide all those "hundreds of millions"? Don't you think they lied about how much cash those building were sold for, hiding their gold up at Fort Warwick or Fort Fishkill's new vaults?

  • joe134cd
    That's what everyone is wondering. WHERE IS IT????

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