Similarities between witnesses in WWll and witnesses under the rulership of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe

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    I have just been reading a post by orphancrow/birdwomen2 under the title of

    First of all I would like to thank orphancrow for his fascinating and insightful research into the JWs during world war 2.

    This got me thinking however of a very similar situation I heard about in Zimbabwe, and what I am wanting to know if anyone can confirm or deny his account.

    I was having a conversation with a black brother from Zimbabwe while out in field service about the persecution the brothers would be enduring under the rulership of Robert Mugabe. To my surprise this brother actually said the exact opposite to what I thought. Robert Mugabe is quite favourable to the witnesses And prefers to have them working for him in none political roles e.g grounds men, cleaners etc. Because of political neutrality they arnt a threat to his ideals. Interestingly to I note that recently there was an international convention there, and I can't help but wonder if this was a political ploy to perhaps convert the masses to an organisation that will allow him to carry on unhindered. What I think to is this would of also allowed him to improve his public image with the locals e.g foreign currency /spending etc.. As let's face it at the time what other westerner would want to visit Zimbabwe.

    What makes me sort of give credit to this brothers account was the fact that he was:


    At least by Zimbabwe standards was wealthy.

    I was under no illusion that he certainly didn't like Mugabe, and he was the reason he was forced to leave the county.

    Served as an elder in Zimbabwe. (Ok that one really dosnt count. Lol)

    Ok so can anyone from Africa confirm or deny this. Thanks

    The "talk" is that he has always been favourable to the JW's - whereas as his opposition peer Morgan Tsvangurai is not - I seem to remember there was a family JW connection. ??!!
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    I spoke (at a convention) with a white brother from Zimbabwe who related the story of a young black Zimbabwean man who was fleeing for his life from a group of men who wanted to kill him. He evaded a terrible death by running into a Kingdom Hall where he was hidden by the J.W.'s attending. The young man was Robert Mugabe. The brother also informed me that Morgan Tsvangurai warned the Witnesses a few years ago, that once he had dealt with Mugabe, he was going to deal with them.

    This explains the enigma of Zimbabwe's tolerance of J.W.'s.

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