LOVE and JUSTICE: Do humans have it all wrong?

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  • Terry


    LOVE and DEATH from God's P.O.V.


    Would anybody care to state exactly what it is . . . ?

    On WHAT basis this tribal deity known as Jehovah can be said to:

    "For God so loved the world . . . "John 3:16


    Is it on humanity's sinful merit? No.


    Is it on their fallen heritage? No.


    Is it on the perfection of their behavior? No.


    So, why is it "God so loved the world . . . "?


    Could it be our idea of LOVE is very very different from God's idea of Love?

    Could it be our idea of JUSTICE is very very different from God's idea of Justice?

    Let's examine this!


    Judaism demonstrated a Law purportedly perfect.

    This Law of Moses consisted of cutting the throat of animals. Hundreds of thousands of animals died in a pool of their own blood.

    This bloodletting--as primitive and barbaric as it is--was the most essential aspect of God's perfect Law.


    This "perfect" Law demonstrated, so we are told, the Justice of Almighty God.

    JUSTICE is getting "what you deserve" and not getting what you don't. Agreed?

    Yet, the "perfect" Law tells us something weird, unsettling and bizarre.

    It doesn't really matter what crimes you commit as long as something sweet and innocent gets snuffed out!


    Human Justice insists on punishing the guilty and releasing the innocent.

    God's Justice is the very opposite!

    God so "loved" the world that He gave (i.e. allowed to be brutally executed) His only begotten Son . . . "


    God's LOVE is the desire for innocent suffering and bloodshed.

    God's JUSTICE is scapegoat justice.


    Isn't this really the reason humans are so puzzled by the seeming INJUSTICE of life ruled by a God of Love?

    Humans have it backward?

  • Terry

    I guess this topic fell flat!

  • Finkelstein

    To further solidify your assertion Terry god let a innocent man die slowly and painfully on a torture stake to atone for everyones else's sins.

    If this an exemplification of true love ? or and exemplification of cruelty and unjust apathetic insanity ?

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Could it be our idea of LOVE is very very different from God's idea of Love?

    Could it be our idea of JUSTICE is very very different from God's idea of Justice?

    YES, as you've shown.

    And yet, the Bible from the beginning says that God made us IN HIS IMAGE.


    If that's true, then why are enlightened people today generally repelled by this ancient Biblical God's standards of love and justice?

    How can human beings be in this God's IMAGE when human's ideas/values about LOVE and JUSTICE are so at odds with God's ideas/values?

    How do we reconcile this seemingly intractable dilemma? Easily (or very painfully if you are a die-hard Bible believing Christian):

    If there is a God in whose image humankind is made, then the Bible is not a true, reliable source of accurate historical information about that God. The warped and repugnant morality of the Biblical God gives the lie to the Bible's inspiration.

    Our own ideas of LOVE and JUSTICE, ie, what we find in our own hearts and consciences, is a much more enlightened and reliable moral guide to us than ancient scripture.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Oh, Terry, don't you know? There is a clash of the Titans and we are their play things.

  • Terry


  • darwin

    More proof that the history of ancient Israel and so-called sacred texts is written by man and has nothing to do with a Jehovah Yahweh God Creator holy power whatever invisible spirit that has not revealed itself to humanity. So, we can use the bible writings against itself and see that it does not add up to a God inspired book just a history of a group of people living in the fear of death and whatever comes after . Terry Love and Justice: Do humans have it all wrong? I give you a big resounding NO!

  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    Yes Terry it is ironic that the notion of God sacrificing his Son to pay for the sins of mankind is so compelling as a religious idea. A bit bizarre really. No wonder Judiasim sees Christianity as such an abberation.

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