After celebrations, changes come (AMG october 2014)

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  • Gorbatchov

    History tells that when institutions and regimes celebrate their excistence, changes are about to come.

    The DDR: 40 years of rule in 1989, and the wall came down.

    The USSR: 75 years of rule in 1990, and Gorbatchov was forced to take the back door and lost his power.

    So, 100 years of Kingdom rule in 2014, will WTS planned this year the year of change. Management of change.

    We celebrated our highlights, our kingdom, and now with this self created bust, we will force a change.

    Because when the rank-and-file are confused, it's the time to act and hammer it through the harts and minds.


  • Gorbatchov
  • Gorbatchov
  • steve2

    Equating a teeny tiny Amercian puffed up millennialist sect with a vast geopolitical force is a tad overstated - but I take your point: After the party comes the clean up.

  • Terry

    The same old same old doesn't cut it forever.

    All businesses in order to thrive must find new ways of reinventing themselves.

    How do you change while remaining the same?

    The clever marketing of language wins the day!

    "New and Improved" sounds like things are getting better, right?

    How is that different from "New Light"?

    Does anybody ask why we had to put up with the inferior product which obviously needed a change?

    The Governing Body is all about Marketing and Branding.

    They will have to hold a SALE!

    Every sale must have a "basis" or reason (even if it is merely rhetorical.)

    100 years of Kingdom Rule is only a thing to celebrate IF something actually improved!

    What had been advertised as the REASON for 1914?

    Why, Armageddon, of course!

    Did Armageddon come? No.


    What did we get instead of Armageddon?

    Judge Rutherford's lunacy, Nathan Knorr's organization and Fred Franz crackpot chronology schemes.


    Since the advent of the INTERNET makes all of these things appear to be FAILURE---what will the GB marketing department give us?

    Why only new rhetoric, that's all!

    The Governing Body will RE-INVENT themselves (i.e. rewrite history).

    They will become Jah's government authority which must be exactly obeyed no matter what.

    How is this different?

    They will no longer have to 'prove' they have the Truth.

    It will simply be a "take it or leave it" assertion of Authority!

    The GB will assume the role of KINGS and PRIESTs in the here and now.

  • WTWizard

    I hope their bad advice becomes blatant to virtually everyone come next April. And those who are so stupid that they think their joke-hova will still take care of them are forced to realize that joke-hova only cares about enslaving them. Who is going to take care of them when, as a result of repeated directives to not take care of themselves materially or to invest in anything, they wake up destitute because their dollars are toilet paper? I doubt joke-hova is going to help them out of that, and I am only hoping that event is enough to force them out of their stupor.

    And those who are stupid to the point when they expect the Great Tribulation to erupt directly from that event, when they receive zero help from joke-hova, should realize this by July or August. Joke-hova is not going to miraculously provide food or shelter for anyone, and neither is that thing going to make up for the barter skills they missed out on while pious-sneering. Worse, they are not prepared for anything. How many jokehovian witlesses tried to buy a silver quarter or two only to be hounded about it? They are not even allowed to as much as look at astrology, so they don't have any idea of what might be coming or when. Nor are they allowed to do any spiritual workings of any type to protect their assets. Instead, they put all their trust in joke-hova. And, after a few months of total failure, they will be forced to either wake up to that joke-hova will not take care of them or starve to death. Either way, they will not be around to donate any more to the Worldwide Damnation Fund.

    With Saturn going into Sagittarius this coming Christmas Eve, and that aspect being so good for cults, hyperinflation and the end of toilet paper currency will be needed to wake up people to that joke-hova is not going to deliver them. On the other hand, if they disobey and keep quiet so the hounders cannot round up their assets, a couple of monster boxes of silver eagles or big bags of silver dimes and quarters might.

  • GreenhornChristian

    this just in bro and sis:

    Armagedon came invisibly October 1st.

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