CHANGES? "-- Christ had taken Kingdom power in 1914, there RIGHTLY could be changes--" Karl Adams quoted in CoC, page 25

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  • prologos

    We hear of shocking changes to come, for Old Timers and young, were surprised before, saying perhaps: "How dare they-- the scriptues-- the early Christians--" We might think, but yesterday,

    Reading CoC the above line came into view , and it struck me: Here is the mindset in Bethel. Power is invested in them, and they will change it, under the guise of ruling for Christ.

    I am, or was, primarily interested in Doctrine, and these CHANGES, (capitals mine) that Adams, the Head of the Writing Department, referred to during the research for the 'Aid" book, was on governance in the Congregation,

    This mindset really imposes NO LIMIT on what the Governers of the Body can change, and impose on the followers blessed as these are, with obedience. and

    It occured to me that their new book 'God's Kingdom Rules!' actually basically only says that: all the happenings IN the ORG*, no matter what, are explained, credited to, blamed on that "-- Christ hat taken power in 1914--" as Adams said. so:

    how about the CHANGES to come ?

    * the book seems to be not stressing any World developments much.

  • leaving_quietly

    I am reminded of this passage:

    Now, brothers, these things I have applied to myself and A·polʹlos for your good, that through us you may learn the rule: “Do not go beyond the things that are written,” so that you may not be puffed up with pride, favoring one against the other. For who makes you different from another? Indeed, what do you have that you did not receive? If, in fact, you did receive it, why do you boast as though you did not receive it? Are you already satisfied? Are you already rich? Have you begun ruling as kings without us? I really wish that you had begun ruling as kings, so that we also might rule with you as kings. - 1 Cor 4:6-8

  • L3G

    It's safe to say that many, perhaps most, of the changes in recent years, that is, after Freddie Franz stopped pontificating regular doctrine (even before his death), have come about for practical reasons, not due to any "searching the scriptures" to find out what they mean on their own. For example, the sharpening of "loose conduct" to morally shocking behavior was motivated by an attempt to find a reason for DFing those who would go to strip clubs, download porn, etc. Most of us who have been around the org a while have heard phrases from local elders like, "Don't worrry, We'll just get him/her on rebellion," meaning that rebellion will be the judical charge. They're just trying to get more specific, have more weapons in their arsenal to use against those not in line. Most of the changes in doctrine have the goal of something parctical. Likely others are due to protests from opposers. Jim Penton had for years been saying that the "faithful slave" was really just the GB. Then they change that doctrine to what Penton had said.

    Just some thoughts, nothing heavy duty.

  • Terry

    The Governing Body is headed toward Magisterium which served the Catholic hierarchy so well for a couple of thousand years.

    In effect, here is the problem:

    The Internet can refute JW doctrine easily.

    The evidence of Bible corruption removes the foundation of inerrancy.

    The only fallback available is AUTHORITY.

    UNCONDITIONAL surrender to AUTHORITY is the basis for ISLAM.

    ISLAM is all about unconditional SUBMISSION to authority of Allah as presided over by the Mullahs.


    If the Governing Body mullahs say something is "truth"it is their AUTHORITY which makes it true.

    End of debate. End of story.

    Your choice? SUBMISSION or disfellowship.


  • Phizzy

    Authority is only there because people allow it to be there, usually because the authority does a half reasonable job that you and I cannot be arsed to do ourselves. Hence we tolerate Local Authorities that collect our Refuse, light our streets, etc etc

    Religious "authorities" that claim to speak for Allah,(proof ?) or to be the Vicar of Christ, as do the R.C leadership, and the LDS leadership, and the JW leadership, all claiming to be vicariously ruling for Christ, are in a very precarious position.

    They can't all be right, they can all be wrong.

    I think the naked Emperor, who wanted the populace to admire his New Clothes, was probably asking for less of a stretch of imagination than the Pope/Cardinals, Apostles of the LDS church, and most certainly the G.B of the JW's are asking us to exercise.

    The R.C leadership has discredited itself over many many centuries.

    The LDS Apostles and the G.B in particular have absolutely no satisfactory proof whatsoever that they are Vicars for Christ.

    And therefore any doctrinal change they make has no basis. As of course did their doctrines in the first place. It is simply error upon error, by self -appointed jumped up idiots.

  • Ocean1111

    Well how have other apostasies fared in the end? That is what will befall Bethel soon. (Hos1:4-7, Zech3:1-5, 1Pet4:17, Dan8:13)

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Incoherent and rambling OP. What is your point or question exactly?

  • prologos

    Yadda Yadda , I saw a common thread through the Karls Adams comment and the attiyudes behind the Changes now.

    WT leadership see all this as an expression of Christ's rule. It is THEIR holy mission.

    Others can express themselves on this attitude, the results better than I.

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