2 Police officers in Australia stabbed by 18 year old Muslim fanatic.

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Two officers at Endevour hills Police station in Melbourne Australia were asked by the young man to have a meeting at Burger king to discuss his links with Issis and cancelled Passport. Instead the officers arranged a meeting at the front of the Police station. On arriving the teenager pulled a knife and stabbed both officers before being shot in the head. Both officers were seriously injured and one remains in hospital with serious injuries for a week. This is afew blocks from where I live but I'm not "terrified" I'm more pissed off. Religions prey on the losers of this world to do there bidding....to have a cause.

    A butcher at our local Mall asked me about an oxygen cylinder I was pushing in a trolley to work...."It not a bomb is it?" "We got a memo The Mall is on terror alert...to keep an eye out." {I have dark skin and look like an Issi's member!} I told him if we live in fear the terrorists have won.

  • smiddy

    Apparently he shook hands with both police officers before he drew his knife and stabbed them , and quite rightly one officer drew his gun and shot him .

    The response from the Islamic community ? To blame the police officers for over- reacting to a misguided 18 year old youth.

    To blame the government for a heightened security alert.For being a part of a coalition trying to bring order and stability to a country that is threatened by a murderous barbaric sect that is killing fellow muslims.

    All this and more , instead of coming out and denouncing the barbaric acts of brutality in the name of Islam , the Immans and community leaders of the Muslim faith have let down their people by not speaking out loud enough against ISIS .

    Witness 007 Did you happen to read Rita Panahi`s article in the Herald Sun 29/09/14 ? In my veiw an excellent piece of journalism.


  • Phizzy

    You Aussies don't need to panic, we have lived with terrorist activity here in the U.K since the I.R.A began their bombing campaign all those years ago.

    We take it all in our stride, like we did the Blitz in WW2. Can you see my Stiff Upper Lip ? It's above this loose flabby chin. (thanks Kenneth Williams for that one).

    You are far less at risk there than we are here, but a balanced and sensible approach to minimising risk is needed, as risk , however small, does exist.

    What is certainly needed the world over, is a concerted effort to Educate.

    And such education needs to free the minds from all anachronistic ideas about Holy Books, Holy Places, and God's Will etc etc

    If we do not put the necessary money and resources in to educating the upcoming generations, they will be just as easy prey for those who wish to radicalise them as the present day youth.

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