How will the event in Hong Kong effect China?

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  • jam

    Hong Kong's defacto consititution, the Basic Law, states that

    Hong Kong will co-exist with China as " one country two

    systems "for 50 years after the handover of power in 1997.

    What will Beijing do, that's the question.

    Hong Kong seeking democracy....

  • kaik

    It will do absolutelly nothing for China. Hong-Kong will be put into more oppressive situation than ever before, and business will be as usual. This is not first issue there and not the last. In worst scenario, whatever guaranteed China to UK will be turn to void and local population will either adapt, or get punished. It is no more a golden goose for China anymore, rather liability, so Chinese government could without problem to redeport entire population out within China.

  • jam

    kalk: you are probably right "business will be as usual". By next

    week we will hear no more about it in the news...

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