Reasoning with Trolley Witnesses from their Silver Sword, their Blatant Lies and some Hi-Lit

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  • abbasgreta

    Q. Why do people need all these mags and books?

    A. To understand the bible.

    Reasoning: Asked her to read 1 John 2:27. Also Matt 28:19,20. What info leads to baptism? Teaching whose instruction? 2 Tim 3:16:17 Why is the bible alone not sufficient?

    Q. Are you born again.

    A. No thats only for a certain few. Asked her to read John 3:3. Says 'Unless ANYONE'......he cannot see the Kingdom. Dumbfounded.

    Q. What does the .ORG stand for? ORIGINAL (heh?) Its Organisation. No, its JW.ORIGINAL. (oops)

    Kept calling jws a cult. (Purposely). Asked us not to use that term and to define cult. Explained behaviour is affected. Asked her if at the k hall a specific dress code

    had to be adhered to. eg Could she go in trousers? YES she replied. (oops). Flip-flops and shorts? I wouldn't want to. Yes but could you if you wanted? I wouldn't want to.

    My bro got up the 2006 wt Who is Jesus Christ on his phone. Mentioned huge reaction on internet to wt subliminal imaging. Turned phone on its head and asked why a horned

    demon is clearly depicted. One looked and went white. Don't show me that again please.

    Told them to turn to Jesus and PRAYED for Holy Spirit to enter their hearts. One man told us not to pray for them. Hugged the sister, kissed her on her cheek, told her we loved them

    and would continue to pray for them.

  • ruderedhead

    Nicely done, abbasgreta. Sounds like you were reasonable,kind and non- aggressive.

  • LostGeneration

    Reasoning with them on scriptures is an ok place to start from.

    Calling them a cult and going to the subliminal images makes you look like an idiot.

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