Mormon students protest beard ban

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  • designs

    In another sign Mormons are feeling an opportunity to express dissident views to the Church heirarchy students at BYU protested the Ban on Beards. Calling it an antiquated position. BYU beards

    Last year a group of Mormon women protested for the right to wear pants at Church meetings and to pray as the men do.

    Do you think the youth and the women of the Wt. will ever ban together and protest policies they find demeaning and antiquated.

  • Phizzy

    Nah, the "men" have had their Balls removed, and the women are "pleased to be in subjection".

    Hence they deserve all the s**t that is shovelled upon them.

  • BluesBrother

    Didn't spot the article on the Huff. page but another source (examiner .com) said this>

    Ironically, some four decades ago, Dallin Oaks, then university president, who was a supporter of the Mormon beard ban at BYU, said it was "contemporary and pragmatic" in scope. Back then, he and other LDS leaders thought facial hair and long hair worn by men were a sign of rebellion and was oftentimes a clue linking a person to some radical protest.

    I wonder, did the Mormons copy J W's or did the J W's pick it up from the Mormons??

  • Simon

    I think they both picked it up from it's association with the counter-culture of the 60's and 70's and their desire to distance themselves from it.

  • Darth Fader The Sequel
    Darth Fader The Sequel

    If a religion makes up rules about every facet of a person's life, especially minor things like grooming or clothing, they can then use that control of "little things" and get their followers to obey big things.

  • sowhatnow

    I always felt bad for the men who did not wear beards who would have looked way better with them, lots of jw and mormon young men quite franlky look too young and maybe perceived as gay, when they dont see them with girls , men with damaged skin, no chins or fat might look better with a beard,

    and OMG YES PLEASE PLEASE let women wear dress pants! hide those horrid dried out veinny blubbery cellulite riddled legs and ugly feet!

  • Vanderhoven7

    In-house protests are effective only if someone in leadership cares about you.

  • designs

    The LDS are very conscious of their PR, and going into an election cycle any negative PR worries them since they always have several candidates in the running.

    I think the current GB and their launch of JW.Org shows a similar sensitivity to jettison past mistakes and do a major makeover. Having dissidents at this stage could upset the apple cart.

  • apostrate

    I have heard it from the time I was 12 years old. JW's do not wear beards because "the world" associates beards with hippies and rebellion.

    Funny thing is, I know of several JW's, elders included, who shave their heads, young and old. They don't seem to worry about stumbling those who associate bald heads with "nazi skinheads".

    Some double standards just seem to be tolerated more than others.

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