Ghosts during a CNN news report??

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  • EndofMysteries

    This is interesting, do you think the family set up some elaborate prank or what is your explanation for the guys arm, the door slamming, etc?

    This one is also interesting, survelliance camera seems to show a ghost walking through a gate.

    Any posting these to get input on what they may be if not the real deal, since supposedly these things are never caught on camera.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    1st video:

    The "orbs" are insects, midges, that the camera cant cope with and turns into a grey blob. Google "rods phenomenon" to see how stupid people can be.

    The researcher is too calm after having had "supernatural" experiences just happen to and around her for it to be real. Ditto for the woman who lives there.

    The door closing, means nothing at all. Easily staged, no phone camera will pick up the pull line or darkened arm used in such a small closure distance.

    2nd video:

    No scale or distance and a highly magnified and pixelated image.

    One easy way to solve it would be to compare footage from the same camera of a person actually walking thru there, you'd then have like for like to compare it with. But being the supreme detectives that they are, they dont appear to have bothered.

    So that leaves guess work.

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