Russell preaching scripture

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  • lambsbottom

    Does anyone know how Russell felt about the whole ' this good news of the kingdom would be preached unto all the earth' scripture? Any idea how modern international bible students would explain it. Ya know, because JWs beat their chests and say ' we are true Christians because we are fulfilling this work.

  • prologos

    I'd rather not be able to mind-read Russel, or Rutherford but I know how some upper wt adherents feel about it:

    They love secretly the work that the churches did in their missionary edeavour, at least the results. look at an example:

    The Philippine Islands and Thailand (the land of the free) The island population were made mostly into Catholics over centuries,

    a near hundertfold RATIO in "publishers" to population, when I looked last.

    The "DRAGNET" of WT understanding at it's best.

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