iTunes is driving me soo crazy, I might have to go back to meetings for comfort.

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  • hamsterbait

    HOW do I get iTunes to arrange the albums in alphabetical order by SURNAME of composer or name of album?

    All the icons for the albums I have come up, but seem to arrange themselves in the order I listened to them or purchased. At least I cant see a pattern... it drives me mad too that sonatas and symphonies are called "songs." Was iTunes software written by geeks with long greasy hair listening to heavy metal????

  • Finkelstein

    Click on the top left on view, open the menu and open show view options there you can adjust what you want to show up in order.

  • hamsterbait

    Thanks Finkel -

    The thought of dredging out a polyester suit (Mapplethorpe is not in this agenda!!) and then making demented multicolored highlights in the comics was almost too much.

  • Simon

    We've had great success using Google Play for Music - $7.99 monthly subscription, multiple devices and you can store your own music / stream through the browser.

    iTunes is incredibly annoying and still sucks after all these years. Still have to buy add-ons to dedupe and cleanup a music library ...sheesh.

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