Wow! Take the grandkids to a professional sport event...$!

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  • Gregor

    Last week we attended a Major League Baseball game. Could not believe the costs beyond the ticket price. Hot dogs, a slice of pizza, etc are $8. Soft drinks are $5.00 A medium size beer is $9. + parking or train fare. The kids want a souvineir? How about a foam rubber finger for $8? A hat? fugeddaboutit.

    Had fun anyway.

    PS Mariners lost to the Oakland A's 4-zip.

  • out4good3

    ...and to top it off.....

    you're, in all likelihood, going to a stadium that was being subsidized by your tax dollars to build for an already billionaire with plenty of his own dough....

    ....can you say corporate welfare?

  • Simon

    Yeah, it's sick how these billion dollar businesses demand that cities build arenas for them.

  • GrreatTeacher

    We always stop by McDonald's and buy a sack full of hamburgers to take. If they don't allow food, cargo pants are good for sneaking stuff in. Do I feel bad about this? No, not after ticket prices and parking fees.

    Also, recycle that foam finger...take it back with you every time you go. Great for annoying people on the train or siblings in the back of the car, too!

  • GLTirebiter

    That's why I prefer minor league sports: reasonable prices, and athletes who aren't overpaid, self-indulgent prima donnas.

  • Gregor

    We have a huge High Def flat screen that I can watch from the comfort of my big recliner. Refrigerator and pantry are well wonder I do not go to games often.

  • jam

    One good thing about baseball, basketball they pay their share of taxes,

    NFL is tax exempt, I found that out today. Why are they tax exempt, you


  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Ive always accepted supporting my team when its good times and a full stadium could be exspensive, but at bad times and a half full stadim i do feel i am being ripped off...

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