Confirmation on delegates for international conventions

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  • joe134cd

    i have 2 unrelated question.

    (1) I heard through the grape vine that delegates traveling to special conventions are only required to book a certain number of nights in a society approved hotel. This differes from my experience where I was required to book the whole package (e.g flights/accomodation etc). I was told the reason for this change in arrangement was due to people complaining about the high costs involved with the society arranging everything. So now they just require x amount of nights in a hotel. Can anybody verify this, or the reasons for the change. I know on 2 occasions when I went on a society arranged international convention they were a hell of a price.

    (2) I remember reading a post where some one had done a cumulative chart of where the growth was coming from various countries. If memory served me right I think it showed that 50% of the world wide growth comes from 10 countries. Dose anyone have the link. Thanks

  • OneEyedJoe

    As for the first one, they just read a letter the other day saying that international delegates can book the travel themselves (I think there might've been something about the approved hotels in there, but I don't remember really clearly) but they have to stay 3 days prior to the convention and 3 days after (so a 9 day trip total).

    Maybe they were getting called on the travel arrangements scam too often so they went for something a little more subtle - free rooms or commission at the "approved lodgings"

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