The CO's are liars

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  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    Today I visited another hall because my wife wanted to see some friend in this hall.. all was fine. it was a 1pm meetting which was nice...

    But.. It was CO visit... ggrr.. that means boths talks I need to hear again in 2 weeks... the first one was unimpressive...

    The second was sick!

    He said that we needed to imagine the new world... He said he wanted 11 children in the new world...

    Wait a minute...1 billion years + and only 11 children.. excuse me..COWARD!

    He frowned often when my 4 months old son gooed and gaahed in the hall.

    Later he recommened us to thnk about making room for ressurected ones in our new world homes...

    Ok I have axiety disordor and though I know this is all a fake propoganda I started wringing my hand like craz I was angry VERY ANGRY!This guy was a LIAR and he KNEW it!

    As a last momoent puch he said the internet age of the society we have entered into is so the society can distibute stuff in the tribulation.

    I was so angry. I have never been agry as a person so much I wanted to kill them until [email protected]

  • Ocean1111

    Bethel is the coming pyre that will light the way for Jehovah's witnesses to enter the "new world order" as gingerly as possible for as smooth a transition as can be accomodated "at that time". (WT 11/15/2013, pg. 20, par. 17, #3)

    The CO's are the helpful guides in.

  • AlwaysBusy

    There won't be any internet during the Great Tribulation.....there won't be anything....except a lot of pain for a lot of people.

  • WTWizard

    Making room for the resurrected in the New Communist Dark Age? Or, you mean the lions and tigers that were supposed to be tame but are not yet tame enough to be safe around those things? And especially those in the LIE-ble. That Tyrant David?? I would never host that thing. No matter what. That thing is the most hateful thing to every Gentile except those who are willing to be enslaved--anyone that exalts that monster is either ignorant and doesn't know better or completely stupid. All the protagonists in that damnation books are communists.

    And I do not want any communists being resurrected in my place.

  • MissFit

    Htbwc: hey buddy, just take a deep breath, now exhale slowly. Repeat.

    I know you are just venting. I hope that made you feel better.

    In my experience most JWs really believe and have a hope of a paradise earth.

    Instead of viewing the CO as a liar maybe it would help to think of him as mislead.

    The hope of a paradise is what keeps most of them going.

    I hope a time will come when you do not have to inflict this torture on yourself.

    I know it took me along time to divest myself of the notion of a paradise earth and to appreciate the life I have now.

    I understand your anger: I felt that way at a funeral service for my Father in law when the born again minister said God needed him in heaven. I had to excuse myself.

    The point is every religion has some sort of false comfort but the ministers seem to believe it.

    Now I know the paradise hope i was raised with is as much a false comfort as the hope the minister was preaching about.

    Don't forget to breathe and go to your happy place.


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