Books of "Babylon the Great" quoted by the Society

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  • opusdei1972

    The Watchtower says:

    True Christians keep clear of false worship, rejecting false religious teachings. This means that we avoid exposure to religious programs on radio and television as well as religious literature that promotes lies about God and his Word. (w06 3/15 pp. 27-31, "Keep Clear of False Worship!")

    So, according to the Watchtower, "true" christians reject religious literature that promotes lies about God and his Word. Accordingly, I began to read in the Watchtower Library online (in Spanish), how many books of "Babylon the Great" the Society quotes. So, I found something peculiar. For instance, in the Watchtower w06 12/1 we read:

    Questions From Readers

    Was Jesus being disrespectful or unkind in the way he addressed his mother at the wedding feast in Cana?—John 2:4..................Regarding the term “woman,” Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words notes: “Used in addressing a woman, it is a term not of reproof or severity, but of endearment or respect.” Other sources agree with this. For example, The Anchor Bible says: “This is not a rebuke, nor an impolite term, nor an indication of a lack of affection . . . It was Jesus’ normal, polite way of addressing women.” The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology explains that the word “is used as an address with no irreverent secondary meaning.” And Gerhard Kittel’s Theological Dictionary of the New Testament says that such usage “is in no way disrespectful or derogatory.” Thus, we should not conclude that Jesus was being rude or unkind to his mother in addressing her by the term “woman.”—Matthew 15:28; Luke 13:12; John 4:21; 19:26; 20:13, 15.

    However, the same portion in the Spanish version adds, after quoting Vine's dictionary, the following:

    Por ejemplo, la obra El Evangelio según Juan, de Raymond E. Brown , dice: “No se trata de un desaire o de un término despectivo, no indica falta de afecto [...]. Era la forma en que normal y respetuosamente se dirigía Jesús a las mujeres”.

    Translation: For example, in the Gospel According to John, of Raymond E. Brown, says: “This is not a rebuke, nor an impolite term, nor an indication of a lack of affection . . . It was Jesus’ normal, polite way of addressing women.”

    So, in the English Version, instead of mentioning the name of the work and the name of author, who is Raymond E. Brown, the Watchtower mentioned only the Anchor Bible, which is a Commentary Series, in which the "The Gospel According to John" is .

    As far as I know, the English version is the source for all the translations of the Watchtower literature. So, it seems that the Spanish translator freely added the "bad name" , or may be the first English Version deleted it. Why it is a bad name for Witnesses?. Because Raymond Brown was one of the first of those unorthodox Catholic Scholars who questioned the authorship of Matthew, and most of the Gospel of John, etc. I have "the Gospel According to John", in Spanish, and there Raymond Brown admits that the book of Isaiah was written by three authors during more than two centuries, that Ecclesiastes was not written by Solomon, that Moses could not write all of the Torah, that John could not write all of what is written in the Four Gospel, and so on.

    So, this means that the Watchtower writers can read "apostate" books of Babylon the Great, which expose the forgeries of the Bible, but most witnesses are forbidden to read literature of other religions. It would be great if all witnesses begin to read the Watchtower quotes so as to find what is behind them.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Excellent points, opusdei1972:

    Earlier today I was wondering -- out of the blue -- why God's so-called channel of truth would require any outside research material in the first place. Of course, reality dictates that all such theological matters be studied, discussed and necessary refinements ascertained through human effort, not that there would be universal acceptance of conclusions reached. If the Society had not made an issue of proscribing the research done by theologians of Christendom for their own membership, this would simply be a non-issue.

    It's historical for people to study what has been written in the past and then do with that information what they will, for the betterment, it is hoped, of others who read the latest renderings. At best, it can never really be anything more than flawed human reasoning.


  • opusdei1972

    compound complex : The Society discouranges to study Greek and Hebrew too, but its writers quote frequently Scholars in Greek of "Babylon the Great". Search for names like "Bruce Metzger" and "A. T. Robertson" in the Watchtower Library and you will find that the Society quotes them to explain the greek grammar of some Bible sentences. However, those guys are trinitarians of the Protestant Churches. So, it would mean that Jehovah will destroy the members of the Christendom in Armageddon, but before it, He uses the wisdom of Christendom's scholars to teach His "Organization".

  • berrygerry

    There is unlimited "cherry-picking" by the WTS.

    That is, they will reference a "worldly" source to bolster a particular point of view. But they will use that same source for so many other topics that are taught.

  • smiddy

    Jehovahs Witnesses"speak out of both sides of their mouth" , or to put it another way"with a forked tongue"


  • Phizzy

    An interesting read is Doug Mason's paper on how the W.T rely heavily upon the Church Fathers. Rely that is ,so far as any of the Writings support W.T Doctrine.

    Ignore that which does not.

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