Not On JW.ORG : A List Of Child Molestation Lawsuits The Watchtower Corporation Is Currently Fighting In The Courts Internationally?

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    Now that would be something if they made a big list. Or what even might be better if someone had a lists and posted on their site so that when comes up in a google search their list came up also.'s_Witnesses'_handling_of_child_sex_abuse

    Lawsuits [ edit ]

    In a press release dated November 21, 2007, Jehovah's Witnesses' Office of Public Information stated: [54]

    In the United States, over 80,000 elders currently serve in over 12,300 congregations … During the last 100 years, only eleven elders have been sued for child abuse in thirteen lawsuits filed in the United States; In seven of these lawsuits against the elders, accusations against the Watchtower Society itself were dismissed by the courts.

    In 2004, a Canadian court awarded CAD$5000 to a plaintiff for the negligence of an elder who failed to follow the official policy of the church. However, the court dismissed charges against the Watch Tower Society, and directed the plaintiff to pay the Watch Tower Society's legal fees amounting to CAD$142,000. [55]

    In 2007 during a ground-breaking trial motion in the Napa, California court against the Watchtower Society, victims' lawyers convinced the court that 'ecclesiastical privilege' does not supersede the legal obligation of clergy to report child sex abuse to secular authorities. The Watchtower Society paid an undisclosed amount without admitting wrongdoing in an out-of-court settlement with 16 unnamed victims of alleged sexual abuse within the religion. [56] According to court documents obtained by NBC News, one plaintiff was awarded over US$780,000. [57]

    Newspapers have reported that subpoenaed elders decline to testify against accused penitents, citing the confidentiality of penitent-clergy privilege. [58] However elders did not object to testifying once a specific matter of penitent-clergy privilege had been adjudicated. [59]

    In June 2012, a California court ordered the Watch Tower Society to pay more than US$20 million in compensation and punitive damages to a woman who, as a child, was allegedly abused by a member. The court found that congregation elders, following the policies of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, contributed to the abuse. In the post-trial motion, the Watch Tower Society's attorney stated in a court memorandum that no United States court has previously found its conduct or policy regarding sex abuse to be unlawful, claiming that the Watch Tower Society's reprehensibility is "very low" if any. [60] The court stated that the elders as agents of the Watch Tower Society failed to disclose to other parents regarding the confession of the molester who inappropriately touched his step daughter, adding that the reprehensibility is of "medium range". Based on the ratio between the compensatory and punitive damages, the court subsequently reduced the Watch Tower Society's total liability to US$10 million, [61] Lawyers for the Society appealed the ruling, calling the decision "unprecedented" and denying responsibility for abuse. [62] [63] [64] [65] [66]

    I also typed in 'child molestation lawsuits' in the search box at the web site and this is what cam up, no mention of any lawsuits they are facing.

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    They are selling & hiding the assets so lawyers will have no reason to litigate.


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    What happened to the Watchtower bragging they never lost a Pedophile Lawsuit on Wiki? I can't find that link anymore, can you?

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    It's impossible to get anything to stick to them as far as child abuse goes, because there are just so many legal loop holes to get out of it. But like OJ Simpson just because he wasn't convicted of murder it doesn't necessarily mean he didn't do it.

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    What happened to the Watchtower bragging they never lost a Pedophile Lawsuit on Wiki? I can't find that link anymore, can you?

    Copy the link provided and put it in the address bar and you shuold get it. Notice that the last part is not blue and will not take you there if you click directly on it. 's_Witnesses'_handling_of_child_sex_abuse

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