GB, JW's and Politics

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  • DwainBowman

    You know something hit me one day, right after the summer IC. The gb says jw's aren't to be involved in politics, yet whenever there is a law that touches on them, they are quick to go to court. Well the court is a part of the political system, and even more so when it comes to dealing with law's. Courts in the US aren't supposed to write law's but do so anyway!

    At the summer RC/DC/IC whatever they want to call it. We were told not to even get upset or excited, over laws that could or would impact or lives, for the good or bad. Because that was taking sides in Politics!!

    Another case of do as i say, not as I do!!!!

    Just my take on it!


  • Simon

    Yeah, the whole negativity about politics and 'the system' is all for the adherents.

    It's amazing that more people don't figure out "hey, if Satan is running the show then why would going to court make any difference?"

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS's own law department would suggest something different toward that viewpoint.

    How about the WTS using the power and influence of the UN as a designated NGO

    as to receiving help in establishing and operating in countries where they been having problems such as Russia ?


    There's two sides to every story isn't there ?

  • DwainBowman

    Yes there is!! I have a long time friend in the legal dept. A few times over the years, he has told me stuff that just blew my mind. but like everything else, I just tucked it away, like all good little jw's!!


  • galaxie

    My sister a jw was quick to run for the help of local town councillors when an issue arose which threatened her house as well as her neighbours.

    I did point out these people are there to help because they were voted in.

    She looked at me with the usual glassy stare and tutt tutted as if I should not have mentioned it.

  • Crazyguy

    Wasnt one of the gb members telling the politictains in some african coutry while he was there speaking at an assembly this summer to keep their promises. Thats being involvled in politics period.

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