PROPHESIES : Ariel the city named the lion of God & the fall of the Watchtower Society(Isaiah 29:1)

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    raymond frantz

    Ariel the city named the lion of God

    Isaiah's Prophesy is a book we studied sometime in the past at the Book Study groups .It always fascinated me how Jerusalem of Isaiah's days portrayed Christendom when apostasized against Jehovah BUT when they were in good standing they portray the faithful remnant of the anointed Christians here on earth .So I decided to dig deeper and what I found is truly astonishing .Not only the Watchtower misinterprents prophesy but they do that knownigly .For the next few weeks I will post my research here progressively .The chapter in question is chapter 29 of isaiah which ,when analysed correctly foretells the end of the Watchtower .If you have previously given thought to these verses please let me know.

    Ariel the city named the lion of God

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