My Plastic Microphone

by Yondaime 1 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Yondaime

    So I tune in to one of my favorite apostates on youtube called My Plastic Microphone

    and I decide to watch his most recent video.

    Skip to 2:00

    This really blew my mind. I never realized how crazy I was until I woke up.

    This is bat s*** crazy!

    You never see the forest for what it really is until you walk out of it and view it from a distance.

    I've done that mentally and can now see that this cult is no different from any of the others.

    Your Fourth Hokage,

    - Yellow Flash

  • ShirleyW

    What I noticed was how one huge portion of the stadium must've been roped off because they don't have as many followers as they used to. I've never seen an assembly at a stadium that wasn't full, but then I haven't been to an assembly since early 1980's.

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