Witnesses are like a "typical male"... Always trying to "fix" things or "solve" everything.

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  • stuckinarut2

    We all know the cliche that "men never really listen or sympathise, they just try to solve or fix things"?

    Often people just need to vent or discuss issues..."get them off their chest"

    I have noticed that JWs are just like a thoughtless cliched man....

    When speaking with people in the community, they don't really LISTEN, they just look for a way to SOLVE the issue!


    Gods Kingdom!

    crime? Gods kingdom will fix it!

    violence? Gods kingdom will fix it!

    family problems? Gods Kingdom will fix it!

    ill health? Gods kingdom blah blah...

    unemployment? Yep...you guessed it!

    death? Yep.....

    Broken record?

  • Magnum

    True. Sometimes when I'm griping and complaining, I'm not really looking for a fix, I just want to vent; I just want a hearing ear. I hate it when people just half listen and then start throwing out the supposed fixes. My supervisor is like that. When I complain to her about things, she starts formulating an answer before I even finish (Prov 18:13). She can't possibly be really paying attention to what I'm saying. It's frustrating. And her "fixes" are never fixes; they're always stuff I know more about than she does.

    Often, when people are so quick to offer fixes, they're trivializing or making light of the issue. I remember one time hearing a JW woman talking about her painful arthritis. An elder who doesn't even know what arthritis is told her to take some bee pollen and then walked off into the sunset as if he had solved the problem. The JW looked at me like "WTF?" He just made her chronic issue seem so trivial by offering his easy "fix."

    And, as you said, JWs are like that. They don't really want to hear people's problems. They just want to point to their fix. I was just telling my wife about an hour ago about all the bums that approach me at work and ask for money. I mentioned one in particular that approached me Tuesday. He walked up and started asking a few questions about the work I was doing. He didn't really like look a bum, so I thought he was sincere and I answered his questions. Then it started: "You know, I've only been in town for about a week and I'm looking for work. Could you spare...?"

    I told my wife that that's similar to what JWs do. They walk up to people's houses and try to start conversations, feigning interest in people's lives. They're not really interested, just as that bum was not really interested in my work. JWs just use that phony, insincere conversation stuff to get to their real goal of introducing their easy "fix".

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic


    1.) A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.

    2.) The ancient greek goddess of healing.

    Even the Greeks came to realize that real world problems require real world solutions. And sitting around waiting for a God or a Goddess to fix everything is a recipe for disaster. Just look at the Zoroastrians . . . oh that's right, they're got wiped out.

  • zeb

    So why have i been sanding and painting recently. ? Because it in the wiring to improve and 'fix' things... bah!

  • sparrowdown

    I see this basic lack of genuine empathy amongst JWs as one of the main

    causes of depression in the cong.

    It actually goes deeper than lack of real empathy because if someone at

    the door or in the cong is'nt happy or having problems then they must have a

    spiritual deficiency of some kind. Or in the case of a householder

    then they have brought their problems on themselves because of ignoring God

    and not applying bible principles.There is no consideration given to someone's

    circumstances or background or the fact that shit just happens!

    It's all straight from The Trite, Pat, Condescending Answers Playbook

    gems such as

    "put the kingdom first and everything will fall into place"

    "leave it in Jehovah's hands"

    Nothing of any practical value to anyone with real problems.


    I have a hunch that the so-called male proclivity to 'fix' things and to 'offer solutions' is somehow an evolutionary trait from our distant past. Like it or not, in long-ago human groups it was generally the males who hunted animals for food and built structures to live in, etc. Of course this is a generalization and certainly doesn't reflect how things are today. But it does seem that many males enjoy fixing and solving things, as opposed to just mulling the problem over without a solution. So when a man offers up a solution to a problem YOU present to him, just take it with a grain of salt. Accept it or not, that is your choice. In my opinion....opinion.....men are just wired that way as a result of evolution and cultural tradition.

  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    Interesting observation but not that surprising considering the patriarchial nature of the organisation from inception to now. The ironic aspect of this though is that the congregation is so heavily female.

  • prologos

    and since they are J-God's witnesses they invented the 'Creator' concept, who fixed the problem of nothingness to have at least something.

    something to fix.

  • NotNew

    Someone has to...


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