“Who is my neighbor?” was a wrong question!

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  • Pinku

    When a certain Lawyer gave correct answer that one should love God and his neighbor, Jesus confirmed the answer. Then the Lawyer asked: “Who is my neighbor?” to which Jesus gave the now famous parable of Good Samaritan [which unwittingly reduced love towards the hapless victims whereas everyone—rich or poor—is in need of love and compassion]. The word neighbor is self-explanatory; hence the Lawyer should have asked a more serious question: WHY SHOULD I LOVE MY NEIGHBOR? (Luke 10:25-37)

    Seen from the prism of what Jesus had already made clear (in Mathew 5:44-48: ‘God loves the righteous and the unrighteous, because love is His very nature. Hence be perfect as your heavenly Father is’) he would have said something like this: ‘LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR BECAUSE LOVE IS YOUR VERY NATURE. In other words, humans are like honey kept in different pots. Honey is same in all pots, and pots (made of mud) too are same but differ only in shape. There is ONENESS of the honey, and there is ONENESS of the pots! This provides the reason for honey to love itself, no matter in whichever pots it may be found.

    Once the driver (the ultimate animating principle, the inner self/consciousness/divinity) leaves its seat, body becomes a horribly foul-smelling trash that provides a feast for micro-organisms and worms. This means “We are more than we’ve been taught in biology class,” and the divinity* is more important than the physical body, and the most fundamental factor of our existence is the CONSCIOUSNESS of existence. And this CONSCIOUSNESS/divinity, like honey, is same in all bodies (pots). [It was to highlight this oneness of the inner self that the Circumcision** was originally introduced (Deuteronomy 10:16; Jeremiah 30:6; 32:39) which later deteriorated into a meaningless physical ritual.]

    In the above awareness, you act toward your neighbor with pure motive which would, in turn, bring in qualities such as joy, love, peace ….. and your love is naturally reciprocated and a loving neighbor becomes your best security. The more love you display, the more security you receive.

    All these benefits ensue because we focused our attention on the essence beneath the forms. This essence is too obvious to miss, you can see it everywhere. Take the familiar life-support system: the provision of trees. A tree exits leaving behind a seed(s) in the memory of which billions of its future generations remain protected. Thus the drama of tree–seed–tree stages on an invisible platform (or a principle), which it has not authored. How you name it matters not. What matters is to perceive that principle or BEING beneath all forms. Love is enjoying that PRESENCE underneath!


    *I have used a layman’s terminology here. If you want better terminologies, here are the links:



  • Pinku

    **Circumcision was introduced for a lofty purpose which was totally forgotten in the later days. This forgetting happens in every culture. For example, dowry was originally recommended to solve a very pleasant riddle that took place in the Orient. Mr. A purchased a plot of agricultural land from Mr. B. When Mr. A started plowing, he got a pot of gold coins. Mr. A returned it to Mr. B saying the treasure belonged to Mr. B who in turn declined to accept it saying: “When I sold the land, whatever land had in it belonged to you, hence you can happily take the treasure.” Mr. A said: “No, I don’t want this treasure which is more than 100 times the land-price, I have paid only for the land.” This PLEASANT dispute reached the King. King asked for some time, and studied the case thoroughly, and made the judgment: “Let Mr. A’s daughter marry the son of Mr. B, and let these gold coins in question be given as a dowry to the son of Mr. B.”

    This judgment was never meant to start a custom, but was to solve a peculiar, unique riddle. But people forgot the essence, and started practicing its distortion which has become a social evil in some parts of the world now. One can cite plenty of examples like this.

  • Vidiot

    Pinku - "Then the Lawyer asked: 'Who is my neighbor?'"


    F**king lawyers.

  • galaxie

    Pinku ;... "love is His very nature "(god).

    Why did he as recorded in genesis admit to knowing evil (as per the author ) in the garden of Eden.

    If evil existed by whos hand did evil come about?

    The only answer can be , by his own. Therefore evil must be in his nature also.

    He's a good evil mixed up god, if you believe in that kind of thing of course.

  • Pinku


    Evil is (like darkness, absence of light) absence of goodness. In God there is fullness of goodness. Hence question of evil being in Him or originating from Him does’nt arise. Not only Genesis Account, but even the whole “torah” is the fabrication of dishonest people, says Bible itself. (Jeremiah 8:8)

    Evil appears when you feel more important than others, and disappears when you feel the same make-up of every one having ONE heavenly Father, thus treat every one equally. Hence evil is like a knot on a rope, it is not the part of manufacturer.

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