Bug out bags?

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  • SpeedRacer

    My son sees his grandparents who are active JW's and has told me that they now have bugout bags by the door by direction of the society. My question is, if S*&t hits the fan where are they bugging too? Everybody meeting at the Hall? Maybe to drink the coolaid? Jehov will give directions to biggest safe hole? Just curious.


  • j dubb
    j dubb

    From what information I can remember about this direction 2-3 years ago is they are just repeating the reasonable recommendations of the government...72 hour kit ("bug out bag")...family should have a pre-determined location to escape to, if not more than one.

    What got ridiculous was when the elders started asking for us to fill out spreadsheets on all persons living in the household (whether they were witnesses or not,) their congregational status, if they had DPA filled out, who held their power of attorney and I don't remember what else.

  • mann377

    Just remember, once you bug out you are now a refuge! Where to? Food? Water? how long? The WTBTS is playing on the dubs

    ignorance and using fear tactics.

  • blondie

    Unless it is a global disaster, you can arrange to stay with family out of the area or friends. Some people have vacation houses or property in other areas they can go to. Keep your vehicle at least 1/2 full of gas if not full. If separated due to work or school, make sure you have arrangements to meet at the same place.

    All these recommendations can be found on any local, state, provincial government website.

    I work on 2 committees help our neighborhood be educated and what people at work can do.





  • WTWizard

    Regardless, do not under any circumstances let the hounders know what supplies you may have. That is, unless you want to share the whole thing with the whole congregation and perhaps nearby congregations when the disaster hits instead of using it yourself. This rule applies to food, water, batteries, candles, flashlights, gas, silver, gold, or whatever other supplies you may be carrying. Your stash of batteries will not last long if the hounders take them all for the congregation. That stack of silver for when the dollar becomes toilet paper will instead feed the Worldwide Damnation Fund. Nothing like this communist organization or the commie hounders to take your supplies and give to those who pious-sneered, and then claim joke-hova supplied for those who did nothing.

  • OneEyedJoe

    Yeah, they're more or less reasonable about the bug out bag thing, but I don't think they're encouraging it due to reasonable concern for the well-being fo the 'flock.' They're doing a local needs part about what to do in a disaster about once a year (in spite of the fact that there's never been a large-scale disaster in the area) just to keep a certain level of fear in the R/F. They want the R/F constantly paranoid about when the GT might start so as to keep them in control.

    It's never said in the disaster preparedness parts where people should go in an emergency, but in the "do as you're told even if it doesn't make sense" type talks, they tend to put across the idea that the GB is going to have an inside scoop as to when the GT is starting, and they're going to call us all to the KH for refuge.

  • Oubliette


  • cultBgone

    In Florida the annual scarefest is always tied to hurricane season. But most Floridians are smart enough to keep water and non-perishable food and watertight bags of IDs anyway so it's redundant. My favorite thing is them sending out emergency contact lists so they can "find" you in a disaster (even when you're inactive by choice) because the first people you want to "find" you are the eldubs? Ahhh, No Thank You.

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