The 100 Step Movie

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  • Quarterback

    We loved it. A definite recommend. This one you invite anyone to it and no one will be offended.

  • Simon

    What is it about?

  • Quarterback

    Don't want to give the story away, but, it's about, a family gets forced out of India. They are in the Indian cuisine business. The young man in the family has a gift and is a great chef. They end up in France and compete with another french restaurant. Within the story is racial prejudice that turns out positive. Oprah, and Spielberg directed it

  • Heaven

    In Canada the movie is entitled "The Hundred Foot Journey". I was definitely craving Indian food after the movie.

  • quellycatface

    Hey, i fancy seeing this at the weekend. It's got Helen Mirren in it, she's a good actress.

  • Quarterback

    Yes, that's the name, Heaven. Thanks for providing the right name.

  • Simon

    Ah, thanks - I think I've seen the trailer for it.

    Mmnnn, need to make a visit to the local Indian restaraunt now - my mouth is watering at the thought.

  • BobFlanagan007

    It's also known as The 100 Foot Journey here in the UK.

    It's actually directed by Lasse Hallström who made many succcessful films such as Chocolat, The Shgipping News, The Cider House Rules and Salom Fishing In Yemen, none of which I've ever seen but also made My Life As a Dog which is one of the best movie's ever made.

  • jgnat

    We watched Finding Fanny yesterday and hubby laughed out loud throughout. The reviews are patchy but I thoroughly enjoyed watching the veteran actors.

  • blondie

    We loved it...........great to see romances among the more mature and the younger crowd. Made we want to go to an Indian restaurant too.

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