If you feel deceived

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  • Pinku

    You may be feeling deceived, and may be thinking:

    ‘If JWs were God’s people, why did they become exactly like the Catholic Church of the Middle Ages turning themselves into dogmatic folly? While claiming to be God’s appointed channel on earth, how could they become a cult of intolerance with its raging commanders, a cult where all questioning is banned, and shunning is openly encouraged?’

    Those who came out may feel how they wasted their lives being among JWs! Loss and gain are part of live. Let the past be past. Do something creative, find out something you really enjoy doing. During Vincent van Gogh's whole life not a single painting was sold, but that didn't matter; he enjoyed himself. If they sold, good; if they did not sell, good. The real prize was not in their being sold and appreciated, the real prize was in the painter creating them. In that very creation he has attained his goal. In the moment of creation he becomes divine. Whenever you create something you become a small god in your own right. If God is Creator then to be creative is the way to become like Him and reach Him. Then you become a participant, no more a spectator. The real prize is not when a painting is sold and critics appreciate it all over the world ­ that is just a booby prize. The real prize is when the painter is creating it, when the painter is lost in his painting. There is the real prize, there is the attainment. Let us live in the now!

  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    hmm Vincent Van Gogh as a role model, interesting - ears are overrated anyway...just being facetious...your point is well made

  • jgnat

    Yeah, Vincent Van Gogh may not be the best example. He led a tumultuous life.

    If you want to talk successful, check out Picasso. He got to enjoy the fruits of his labour and the adoration of fans in his lifetime. He lived a long, and embraced many loves.

  • Ucantnome

    I think it can be more than a feelin

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    The old Buddhist addage is one I live by....Be here now. It is simple, it is profound. Wherever you are...be there. Envelope yourself in the moment whatever it is.

    As for being deceived and your allusion to Van Gogh, I understand your premise. Van Gogh HAD to paint. It was his purpose. It is true, as jgnat states, that his life was tumultuous and full of pain, but he did create some masterpieces that will forever be adored. (Check out Starry Night over the Rhone, a work not as well-known as Starry Night, but my overall favorite)

    Yes, we need to move on. Don't let the ORG continue to take away from you. Start today. Be here now.

  • Pinku

    Separation of Powers

    Thank you for that NICE conclusion--I would not have been able to put it in such nice wording!

  • Dis-Member

    If God is Creator then to be creative is the way to become like Him and reach Him

    I never feel more whole, complete, in total utter joy and peace and oneness as when I am improvising jazz on my gorgeous Ibanez jazz guitar.

    Yeah, Vincent Van Gogh may not be the best example. He led a tumultuous life.

    Nothing wrong with tumultuous.. a bumpy ride across rocks, rivers and ravines is far more adventurous and stimulating than an easy staid cruise on a safe, boring, flat and uneventful highway.

  • Pinku


    Nice point! Despite tumultuousness, Van Gogh could go into a sort of dying--becoming nobody, totally immersed in what he was doing--while painting; it only adds glory to him.

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