CHECKLIST for JW's, almost JW'S and fading JW's

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  • Terry

    1.The Organization itself denies access to reality and substitutes its OWN version, interpretations and meanings.

    a. Only Watchtower approved publications are allowed.

    b. No higher education is to be pursued.

    c. No non-JW friends or associations are encouraged with their "outside" points of view.

    d. No free-style questioning of doctrine or criticism permitted. Curiousity is verboten.

    e.T hreat of being "marked" or disassociated looms over them


    2.Between every real-world event and the rank and file JW's mind is a roadblock.

    a. The moment of identifying is short-circuited by an interpretive moment of RE-LABELING in Watchtower-speak.

    b. All things happening are forced into a narrow storyline and propagandized as End Times happenings leading to Armageddon.


    3. Social and Personal IDENTITY is expunged and replaced by a collective PERSONA: "Jehovah's Witness".

    a. Private thinking is red-flagged as selfish and sinful.

    b. Personal improvement, welfare and ambition is crushed and door-to-door ministry substituted as "worthy" endeavors.

    c. Self-conscious obsession permeates Witness awareness as each person is transformed into a public spectacle of performance for judgement.

    d. Since you aren't an individual you don't really have a right to fall in love and marry or educate or earn. You are the property of the local Kingdom Hall, the Governing Body and ultimately Jehovah.


    4. Both History and Future cease to be objective ocurrances

    a. Every human activity is constantly represented as part of Jehovah's Plan for mankind leading to an inevitable conclusion

    b. Great Leaps of advancement for humanity are disregarded as "important" for civilization since the New World solves all problems eventually.

    c. The worst atrocities are magnfied as proof positive of Satanic influence in a doomed world.

    d. Individual triumphs and tragedies have no particular value, but, only as indicators that the Watchtower is right about End Times signs leading to Armageddon.


    5. Talent, Creativity and Genius are transformed into useless and wasteful ego problems.

    a. No room is made in the Organization for personal praise for achievement since all glory is for Jehovah only.

    b. Neither Musical, Artistic, Scientific or Mathematical ability is needed or encouraged because the preaching activity trumps and supercedes all.

    c. Critical Thinking leads to questioning, doubt, skepticism and eventual disfellowshipping--so--intelligence itself is marked as suspicious.


    6.Ignorance, poverty, disease and mental disturbance are NOT worthwhile problems for charity, education or institutional tasking for JW's.

    a. Building hospitals or colleges diverts precious time away from the JW ministry. Besides Paradise brings repair and perfection anyway.

    b. Becoming a physician, social worker, volunteer in the community or joining any established task-oriented organization DISTORTS rather than solves human problems because Armageddon is coming so quickly anyway.

    c. Humanitarian activity, disaster relief and insitutional charity promote secular and false-religious creeds instead of Jehovah's solutions.

    d.Personal financial concerns aren't important to the congregation. Your finances are a symptom of End Times only, not a focus of brotherly remedy.


    7.Human perception is untrustworthy, corrupted by sin and dangerous

    a. Only thinking the thoughts which come from official Governing Body writings are safe.

    b. Personal opinions, life experience and original analysis constitute hubris and running ahead of Jehovah's plan for his people.

    c. Calling attention to doctrinal irregularity, questioning "new light" and repeated calls for clarification red-flag spiritual weakness and danger.


    8. There are no "Good" people in any other religion. If they were good they'd join Jehovah's Witnesses.

    a. The appearance of goodness, charity, benevolence and selfless devotion to others by Catholics, Baptists, Buddhists or other religious types is only an artificial misunderstanding of their human ignorance of Jehovah's long-lasting solutions to mankind's true problem: sin and death.

    b. Most do-gooders are religious fakes, imposters and money-grubbing charlatans who should be exposed and not admired.

    c. There is no one good except Jehovah anyway


    9. Everything you read, see, experience and think is a distortion by Satan for the purpose of deflecting you from Jehovah's TRUTH.

    a. Watchtower study replaces the corrupt images, thoughts and ideas with clean, purified and approved versions

    b. The human heart is desperate and corrupt. What you "feel" is probably sin and not compassion. Don't trust yourself to know anything.

    c. The entire world is in the control and power of invisible demonic forces hellbent on destroying humanity


    10. TRUTH should have nothing to worry about. Jesus spent most of His ministry in discussions with person opposed to His teachings.

    a. Jesus didn't mind mixing in company with the "wrong" people. He didn't isolate Himself.

    b. Jesus didn't shun anybody.

    c. When Jesus was denied 3 times by Peter, he turned around and bestowed the keys of the kingdom on him!


    In view of the reasons above there can be no doubt that Jehovah's Witnesses have REALITY completely REMOVED from their awareness.

    Being denied a right to reality is to have one's mind stolen from them.

    Without having your own mind to think your own thoughts you cannot be an actual person or individual.

    The only thing left is to belong to a group that thinks FOR you and instructs you what to do and say and be.

    Without that GROUP there is only terror, doubt, emptiness and longing to be cocooned by the "other".

    And you wonder why it is hard to break free?

    You wonder why your JW family member won't listen to reason?

    You wonder why the obvious isn't at all obvious?

    Well, now you know!


    It has been surgically removed by the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses organization. (On purpose!)

  • Finkelstein

    Nice point by point analysis Terry .

    This is definitely a keeper that anyone who wants to leave should retain or give to someone who they think deserves a dose of reality.


    Particularly to those who reject the notion of the WTS. being a mind controlling religious cult.


    The core agenda of the WTS. of course is to proliferate their literature and have self designed sales representatives to distribute that literature.

    Critical examination of the expressed doctrines from the WTS. and its leaders is strategically oppressed, for obvious reasons from that agenda.

  • Finkelstein

    JWS Kingdom Halls are brainwashing centers where the WTS. mentally indoctrinates people with commercialized lies, misinformation and self supporting corrupt doctrines.

  • Terry

    I remember those hats. We wore them at the Kingdom Hall!

  • FreeGirl2006

    Excellent observations!

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