01/15/2016 Watchtower Study "Keeping Loyal Despite So Many Quitters, With The Power of the Widow's Mite"

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  • frankiespeakin

    I'm sure there will come a day when attandence just keeps plummenting, and the the Kingdom hall crowd are just a bunch of aged old timers/retirees complaining about how all the young people are forgetting about jehovah and are going after all that Satan's world has to offer. What would the WT study articles look like to keep this aged non wage earning crowd putting some of their social security benefits in the contribution box?

    I offer the theme: "Keeping Loyal Despite So Many Quitters, With The Power of the Widow's Mite"

    paragraph 1,

    1)Today's modern world has so many distraction that a true christian has to allways keep his blinder's on just like a horse to navigate Satan world lest he be mislead by all it's earthly desires and distractions. But Jehovah is a strenthening aid to all those that have put their hope in him for deliverence, and so he has provided his Earthly organization to warn all those that are 'working shoulder to shoulder' so that they can sucessfully keep their 'eye on the prize' so very very deep in this time of the end. You may not have a kingdom hall building to worship Jehovah in due to many many false accusations from Satan the Devil's legal system cleverly designed to cripple God's organization, but what ever happens you have the 'Internet' and this can plug you into JW.Org where you will allways receive seasons of refreshing, and very strong encouragement to remain in the 'Truth' which the Devil hates because it spells his doom


    2) Many many emails are recieved daily about how our brothers consisting mainly(10,000 to 1) of the 'Great Crowd' are remaining firm in their determinization inspite of all that Satan is throwing at us in the way of gossip, out right slander, and legal action by his cronies(the Judges & Juries)hailing before the courts many faithful christians, to prevent the spread of this life saving information about the things that makes Jehovah's stomach turn so sour that He wants to vomit huge projectiles at his ememies. But our God is merciful and patient and full of long suffering so that many more can be saved and also lest we forget, 'seperate the weeds from the wheats' too, so never give up or else. In these final remaining days of Satan world we are sure that a 'great crowd which no man can number' will be preserved despite the efforts of Satan and his demons. Many contribution have been recieved to keep this web site on the net and it is through these contributions/widow's mites(please no pennies, but filled rolls of fifty OK) that God's organiation will beat them at their own game.

    Questions for paragraphs:

    1) Why does Satan's World want to destroy our organization, and what can we do to keep from deviating from Jehovah's path ways?

    2) What can we do to help Jehovah's Organization be a big winner in the issue of Universal Sovereignty and beat Satan's wicked world in the way of voluntary contributions?

  • stuckinarut2

    Dont give them any ideas!

  • WTWizard

    I think they will be too busy making it difficult to marry and enjoy it to worry that much about more than the occasional maintenance article about money. Harping on self control--along with that "needing" to marry betraying a lack of it (and if you don't "need" it, you are not doing all you can for joke-hova) is one way. Another is to create so many rules, assigned seating at a$$emblies and making visiting another congregation require a good reason. Then they are going to wonder why everyone under 60 is leaving.

    As for the money, I don't think they will need to keep that up once the dollar becomes toilet paper. They are after impoverishing the flock, and couldn't care less about how much they make. And if the Rothschilds do it for them, so be it. They might be after those few who invested in hard assets such as gold (or silver) or that prepared with food, LED light bulbs, batteries and flashlights, and so on. After hyperinflation, they will have time to really come down hard on sex and marriage. Already, they have ruled that those who have a hard time financially should not marry, right in the height of their poverty working. As for me, I am more loyal to Astaroth than joke-hova--aside from being forced back, I would not go back for the sake of joke-hova's side. Even if Satan and the Demons do not accept me--I know that joke-hova only means to use me to enslave the world.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    With a lot of them I think the boys in the tower could say anything they want and still maintain their loyal support. I see old (probably retired) dubs in my area out wasting the day standing on the corner working on their time card when the be out playing golf or something. I think they could tell these guys that jehovah will return in 2020 as a large cabbage god and they would believe it and fork over more money.

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