1500 y.o.Buddhist Scripture texts found in China

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    In Gansu Province, a part of China that the ancient trading network known as the Silk Road traversed, ancient Sutras have been found in the Gansu Bingling Temple. There were some 1,000 fragments of Buddhist sutras stored in a grotto in the temple. The fragments were seriously eroded as a result of weathering.

    Bingling temple, founded in 420 A.D., is home to 183 grottos, 693 stone carving, 82 clay sculptures and 900 square meters wall paintings. The grottos of Bingling temple have been included on the World Heritage List.

    Reported in: http://english.people.com.cn/n/2014/0911/c90000-8780974-5.html

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    Thank you, fulltime, I enjoyed that.

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