Question about "the land of Goshen", for those Bible scholars here in the forum

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  • opusdei1972

    I am writing an article in my blog against the historicity of the Exodus' account. I found that a member of this forum wrote the following : "Goshen.... an Egyptian Provance from 671-400BCE ". So it would also prove that Moses could not write the passages where the name "Goshen" was written. Well, I did some research, and I found that the Septuagint calls this land also as "Heroonpolis of the Land of Rameses" (Gen. 46:28) and "the Arabic land of Gesem" (Gen. 46:34). However, it does not prove that this was an Egyptian provance from 671-400 BCE. Could any one of you provide me an argument to show it ? I am missing something?

  • Crazyguy

    Yes your missing the posters point, the land called Goshen was not called this until 600 BCE meaning thats this was in fact a story written much later then the 1200-1500 bce that most bible believers think Moses was alive.. So this helps to prove the Moses Exodus story a fraud. It is also of note that the part about Moses being put into a basket sealed with pitch and floated down the river to be rescued is also taken from the story of Sargon..

  • opusdei1972

    Thank you Crazyguy, but I would like to know which document can prove (to my readers) that "Goshen" is a name given to that land after 600 BCE. It would be nice If anyone here can provide that reference for me. Thank you.

  • Bart Belteshassur
    Bart Belteshassur

    Opus- Had a look into it but can't find anything spiecific at present,try again tomorrow. Is it the best example you have come across i'm sure there are others, and anyway can you not argue that it is just a later redaction of the original text to identify the the area/city. I am certain that is is the case of the translators of the LXX, they are following Herodetus, and others pre 300BCE, there some refs to that.


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