5 regrets (no its not sex)

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  • zeb

    I came accross

    dailyhealthpost.com/nurse/reveals the-top-five-regrets

    of people when they are dying. I immediately thought of people lives spent in the 'truth'. take a look see if you agree.

  • Fernando
  • zeb

    thanks F.

  • NewYork44M

    Interesting - While I am not on my deathbead my wish is that I am willing to accept greater risks. I am of the belief that calculate risks and success are directly correlated. This is my only life I want to take it for a run of a lifetime.

  • Magnum

    I think I'm going to wish I hadn't wasted so much time. Even if I thought JWs were right, I would still think I had wasted a lot of time for several reasons. For one thing, the ministry is so inefficient. There is so little actual quality preaching/teaching for all the hours spent. Also, there so little return on all the time spent on meetings.



    I have No Intention of Dying,but if I Do..

    I want a Snappier Looking Toe Tag than Than That!..




    ............................................................................................................................................Image ...OUTLAW

  • LisaRose

    What's wrong with a manilla shipping tag? It's a classic, you can never go wring with a classic.

    The recent death of my brother plus my hip coming sixtieth birthday has caused me to rethink a lot of things. He lived his life with no regrets, he took up oil painting late in life and left some really nice paintings. I am making some major changes is my business as a result. I want to focus more on original jewelry using vintage materials. I dabbled in a lot of things, it was fun, I sold things, but I want to make higher quality things that will stand the test of time. I am taking a serious jewelry making course, I started last week.

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster


    I know this is a late response, but that article was the one that made me decide to take a look in the mirror and eventually led to me accepting who I was and that I couldn't live a double life anymore or live up to others' expectations, and this led to me being DF'ed.

    I heard this story reported here in the UK, on Radio 2 about three and a half years ago, one afternoon whilst I was at work. I stopped what I was doing immediately and listened to the report. this was a sort of catalyst with another event that happened to me about 6 months prior where I was walking down the street and who I was completely disappeared. I knew who I was supposed to be but for a few minutes it disappeared completely and I had no idea who, or what I was, there was just complete emptiness, and from that moment I started to try to find out who I was. And then 6 months later I hear a report about this palliative nurse, and all these terminally Ill people saying they wish the were 'true to themselves, or they wish they worried less about other people's expectations or that they had the courage to express themselves more.... and alarm bells start ringing...

  • Vidiot


    On the same page of that link, however, I saw another, less insightful headline:

    "Scientists Discover that Living Near Trees is Good for Your Health"

    My first thought was, "In other news, water is wet..."

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