Paranoia and healing

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    problemaddict 2

    So I got a new computer, which means allof my saved passwords are gone. So I use the standard e mails and all that, but cannot seem to find the one I used for this one.

    I lurked here a long time ago. I recall being so paranoid about it that I created a fake e mail and fake name to go with it. It really was paranoia. I mean......who does that to just lurk on a web page on the internets?

    Now the good part, is a year or more into this, I don't even recall what this alias was. I had to start a completely new profile because it was impossible for me to remember the old one.

    It shows how foreign the old fear can be with just a little time, and the realization these people have no real power over you.

  • Oubliette


    PA2: these people have no real power over you

    Well said!

    The only power they have over us is what we give them. It is ironic once you deconstruct it: we willing allowed them to have authority over us but it was (for most of us) very difficult to take it back and reclaim our autonomy.

    This demonstrates the insidious power of manipulation and mind-control.

    Of course, we must not forget that for most of us part of that manipulation was that we were persuaded to believe that this is Jehovah God's chosen organization and that to disobey his appointed leaders is to disobey Him.

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