Manchester dogs home burnt down in suspected arson, more than 50 dogs killed..

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  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    "More than 50 dogs on the verge of adoption died in the inferno."
    “Can you imagine how terrified those dogs would have been? They were trapped in a burning building, then rescued, then transported here in the middle of the night and put into a strange kennel. A lot of them were very nervous and traumatised by the experience."
    " Fighting back tears Jane Smith, PR for the dogs home, says: “Every week I would write an adoption newsletter to go out to try to find new homes for the dogs, so I feel like I knew them.
    “The fire was in three places. One of the main blocks that was affected was adoption row. This is where dogs go when they are ready to be rehomed.
    “A family may have been along adoption row on Thursday afternoon and seen the dog for them, and that dog may no longer be with us. It is so, so sad.”'


    And if anyone feels that they want to help out...

  • Simon

    Yeah, that was sad to hear about but at least they caught the little shit who did it and the support has been astounding - people have donated supplies and money and some neighbours rushed to save as many of the animals as they could. The day after it happened they'd already raised over 1m GBP to rebuild, it's probably much higher now

    It's sad to imagine animals that have already been unlucky in life being put through such pain and suffering. Rescue pets can make the best companions - they are often there simply because they are unlucky and unloved.

    My cousins dog died yesterday and she was absolutely the most sweetest creature you could ever imagine. She was a rescue dog and had been abused previously but got to have the long and happy life she deserved.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    I've never felt more proud of my fellow man.


  • Virgochik

    I just read a 15 year old boy was arrested for the arson. Sick, twisted little waste of oxygen. Heartbreaking for the staff to have someone wreck the shelter they work so hard at. Im thrilled so many were outraged and donated generously.

  • Simon

    Mancs will make things right.

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