Cairns On Mars !

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  • metatron

    Sometimes it seems like the really cool stuff on Mars is always in the distance.

    Maybe Martian Celts built it. Or maybe it's some kinda lichen. Or A Very Unusual Pile O' Rocks That We Can't Yet Explain.


  • Jeffro

    Looks more like a single rock with a rough surface. Putting the picture next to something that is superficially visually similar is not a valid means of identification.

  • Oubliette

    Our pattern seeking brains are designed to try to makes sense out of things.

    This explains the phenomenom known as pareidolia, or seeing Jesus' face in a tortilla.


  • Daniel1555

    Looks just like a simple single a bit bigger rock.

    To me not a hint of life on mars at all.


    If there was anything else, we would never be told. The Judean/ Xian controllers of this planet would suppress the information. We can't have a bunch of God fearing tax payers disillusioned now can we.



    What if it was built by someone? What if it's a counterpart to Adam's Calendar?? That would make a great story! An intelligent race of beings mine planets throughout the Milky Way. They rape Mars, and move on to Earth. While mining for gold in Africa, they genetically engineer Man by fusing their own DNA with the dominant hominids. Now they have a work force. There is only one problem. There was a slight glitch. Humans have the power to attain equality with their creators.

    Enki, the head scientist, wants to free his creation because he loves and respects all sentient beings. Yahweh wants to subjugate the humans and keep them from attaining enlightenment. And here we are, the eternal battle of Science and Religion wages on. Yahweh's pawns and lackeys rule the Earth...for now.


  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    maybe there's bars on mars she said

    maybe a hotel with a comfy bed

    maybe a postcard with an odd looking face

    maybe a mystical martian race

    buy your tickets at the booth

    maybe then you'll know the truth

  • Terry

    AND THEN THERE IS . . . Product Details

  • Twitch

    Well played Terry, well played...

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