next time a tragedy occurs, and a witness says.........

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  • nowwhat?

    " that's why we need God's kingdom". Say, "if it came, when it was promised to us, this never would have happened!"

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    That's all they see is the negative. They miss the here & now. Most of them don't have a positive outlook in the first place. But, if you sound negative then they will say, don't be so negative...we serve a happy God. We are told the end is around the corner, so don't get all crazy about material things. Yet most of them have beautiful homes, cars, etc. But when you want to buy they say, keep it simple. Then try this...say you are thinking of buying some new stuff for your place...but thought better of it because the society says the end is right around the corner, so, it's best not to buy too much, won't have time to enjoy it, because the end is near....Then you know what they'll reply....But you should enjoy....UH ? All you are doing is repeating what is said from the stage, assemblies & conventions...I find when you feed them back their own lines, they don't take it too well.

    Sometimes when I talk to one of them, & they start talking about God's Kingdom & it will be soon, because see the world is a terrible place. That's when I chime in that some folks just had a healthy baby, someone just got a good news from the drs. office, someone is getting married today, children are bringing home good grades, they even cleaned their room today...Beautiful flowers are growing all over the place, etc...then the sister or brother gets quiet. Most witnesses have a whinney personality, they will never be happy, because they never were happy. Ever go out in service....all they talk about is how long they can't stay because of this ailment or that ailment...even if we go into apt. buildings, they can't take the smell, so they begin to get faint then have to go...Drama...



  • sir82

    "if it came, when it was promised to us, this never would have happened!"

    "Oh, but there have been so many baptized in recent years! Jehovah is so merciful & patient!"

    And round and round you would go.....

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    Now you know it's all about the #'s, don't you ? I would say Jehovah is merciful, he hasn't exposed the Society as of yet. They seem to be still going around & around....Never saw a religion, that has never been exposed....Yes, Jehovah is merciful. If Jehovah is going to end this whole system, he's not going to let man predict it so they'll take the credit...


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