The other perspective: A memoir of adultery

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  • Jon Preston
    Jon Preston

    So i know there are so many who have been victims of issues with members of the watchtower who have been hurt by elder males in a ladershop role, ergo pedophiles....

    But lets just ask...

    What if you were a husband to a wife who engaged in internet connections with a 17 or 15 year old boy? And the. When the elders found out they looked out for your wife and just saw it as a fleshly issue and the others JW parent refused to press charges? As an outsider and looking at it as an older male to female encounter i felt enraged..."Thats my daughter!!!!" I felt. But in this case, when i heard i felt that horrible? Hows it dou feel?

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    There's cultural dynamics in how males and females are viewed and how protection triggers are pulled. There is also the factor of how males view themselves vs how females do in a sexual or potential sexual scenario.

    So the bias has always been that males like sex and most females need protection, so young males are viewed entirely differently from a young female in a similar situation.

    I'm not saying that is right, i'm saying that is how it is.

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