Emotional Response

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  • SG098

    Hello everyone,

    Im trying to locate a publication by the b0rg about 'grabbing peoples emotions' or 'getting an emotional response' or 'reaching their heart through emotions' (cant remember how it was worded) when they read watchtower literature or look at pictures. I think it was fairly recent (past 12 months or so). I thought it was in a KM but I went all the way back to January 2013 and its not in there. Maybe it was a letter read to the R&F at the service meeting?

    I've searched quite a bit, cant find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • jgnat

    Unrelated but I remember the advice to show empathy for the householder. How is this accomplished? Look around the yard for cues.



    Well YEAH. If you aren't supposed to be socializing with your neighbours, you are just gonna have to GUESS, aren't you? Such love and concern.

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