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    FROM BART EHRMAN'S BLOG under the heading of:

    Jesus' appearances in the Modern World

    Of particular interest are instances in which Jesus is said to have appeared to entire groups of people, rather than just to an individual. No case is more intriguing than the last one Wiebe recounts in his study, that of Kenneth Logie, a preacher in a Pentecostal Holiness Church in Oakland California in the 1950s. There are two appearances worth detailing. The first occurred in April of 1954. Logie was preaching at an evening service. In the middle of his sermon, around 9:15 p.m., the door to the church opened up, Jesus walked in and came down to the aisle smiling to people on the right and the left. He then walked through (not around) the pulpit and placed his hand on Logies’ shoulder. Logie, understandably, collapsed. Jesus spoke to him in an unknown foreign tongue, and Logie revived enough to reply to him in English, having understood what was said. Wiebe tells us that fifty people were there and witnessed the event.

    Strange things happen. But what happened five years later was even stranger. This one was seen by two hundred people, who confirmed they had seen it. And remarkably, it was captured on film. The reason it was filmed, Logie later indicated, was because very strange things had been happening in the church and they wanted to document it on 8 millimeter. Wiebe himself saw the film in 1965. A woman from the congregation was standing to give her testimony, when suddenly she disappeared and was replaced by a male figure who was obviously Jesus. He was wearing sandals and a glistening white robe, and he had nail prints in his hand. His hands were dripping with oil. After several minutes, during which he apparently said nothing, he disappeared and the woman reappeared.

    Unfortunately, by the time Wiebe had decided to write the book, some twenty-six years after first seeing the film of the event, the film had disappeared. Logie claimed it had been stolen. Still, Wiebe was able to find, and interview, five people who were there and agreed that they saw the event happen. Moreover, there still were surviving photographs of the other odd occurrences in the church back in 1959: images of hands, hearts, and crosses had started to appear from nowhere on the church walls, with liquid like oil flowing from them, and a fragrance being emitted. The walls were checked by a skeptic, and there was no natural explanation for these appearances (no hidden windows or the like). Wiebe has seen the photographs.

    Skeptics may point out that the time between when these events allegedly happened in the 1950s and Wiebe’s written account of them amounts to several decades, and that may indeed raise some suspicions of the accuracy of the witnesses’ memories. But Wiebe points out that it is about the same amount of time between the life of Jesus and the earliest Gospels.

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    Response to Carrier Did Disciples Have Visions of Jesus?


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  • sir82

    So the film disappeared eh? How sad.

    This story is almost as good as the one about the golden plates written in "ancient Egyptian". Those disappeared, too.


    There is no end to the gullibility of religious types. They are masters at Magical Thinking. Even if something makes no sense, a certain portion of believers will fall for it.

  • DeWandelaar

    ahhh... It reminds me of the golden plates of the mormons which disappeared... Or the Arc... Or the body of Moses... See the resemblance?

    it is probably all stocked in Area 51.

  • Terry

    Or, how about all those explorers who FOUND Noah's actual ark?

    They found a piece of it as an artifact for proof and--guess what? They couldn't bring it back because . . .

    (fill in excuse).

    People kidnapped by aliens and probed say they have impants . . . but . . .?

    Elvis and Bigfoot have been repeatedly sighted, as has the Loch Ness monster . . .

  • designs

    'What if god were one of us, just a stranger on a bus....

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I recall that Jesus appears on a slice of toast, tomato. etc, My high school classmates attended a Pentecoastal. Jesus made an appearance. He was on the altar. My eyes were riveted on the altar. I saw nothing but the altar. No one could give me a physical description.

  • OneEyedJoe

    But Wiebe points out that it is about the same amount of time between the life of Jesus and the earliest Gospels.

    This statement at the end makes me think that this is all an elaborate effort to basically say that the Gospels aren't trustworthy. At least, that's how I read it, and it's certainly a good point if that was the intent.

    If that wasn't the intent, it's quite some delicious irony.

  • Terry

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