Utilitarianism - Is it Good or Evil?

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  • objectivetruth

    What are your thoughts on Utilitarianism, is it at certain times a necessary evil? Is there any way for society to function without it?

    A very simple example.. 10 Men are leading a group of men on a crime spree, they are engaging in Robbery & Murder frequently..Arresting these men is not an option, and if you kill the 10 Group Leaders, the rest of the Group (4o Members) will seek revenge. The other 40 do not Engage in murder, but they are accessories to murder and they provide financial resources and weapons to the entire group.

    Is it Good or Evil to kill all 50 Members of the Group, for the Greater Good? On average the Group kills 2 people per week, so after 25 weeks the death of the 50 group members will have less impact than if they would have remained alive.

    In your viewpoint is Utilitarianism acceptable?

    In my opinion it is acceptable from a logical stand point. And it is wrong from a Moral stand point. - If possible I Avoid it in my life.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Murderers and people helping to murder deserve to be exterminated. We have the right to defend our lives so yeah, stomp 'em out!


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