How will you celebrate the 100 year anniversary/

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  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    Plans are being made to recognize the 100 year anniversary! No not the GB fest at the Annual Meeting. I am talking about the celebration of the absurdity of it all. Kind of like Y2K or the Mayan calendar end-of-times.

    What are your plans?

    I will be having a whiskey tasting, including some of the most coveted brands of Irish and Scotch Whiskey available. I figure whiskey is a "spirit" and I should make sure that the event is "Spiritual."

    A load of good music! No, not Kingdom Melodies, Probably Miles or Coltrane...

    and of course a HUGE Calendar with the date October 3/4 circled with several dozen candles lit by those that attend.

    It should be nice...

  • Jeannette

    Can I come?

  • WTWizard

    I plan on treating it the way the jokehovian witlesses treat Christmas: With a Bah! Humbug!

    And I think the washtowel did its research on astrology because the moon is not void of course after 4 AM October 3. Aside from those in the Far East, this means this little party should produce results in draining psychic energy from the jokehovians to feed to the draconians with the intent on getting full communism via the real messiah on a global basis. To me, therefore, it is as bad to celebrate this event for fear of feeding the draconians extra energy to produce the communism-bearing messiah as it is for them to worship the sun on December 25. I would rather worship the sun. At least the sun is not bearing communism.

    Yes, it is fine to celebrate the absurdity of the whole thingk however. Making a mockery of the washtowel's 100 year anniversary as a failed prophesy should do the job of rubbing salt into their wounds, hopefully ruining their illusion that they are the truth and upsetting some of their psychic energy. But, I expect the jokehovians to be doing something on that date to enhance their field circus--or proclaiming 100 years of jesus' rulership. Which is a lie.


    Considering the weightiness of the occasion, the most appropriate way I can see to celebrate is to have a nice, hearty BM. Using a Watchtower magazine for toilet paper, of course!

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